Sponsored Programs & Projects

Sponsored Programs & Projects is responsible for submitting all proposals for grants and contracts for research and other scholarly activities to public agencies (federal, state or local government), private non-profit research organizations (such as the American Heart Association) and industry (such as testing agreements and contracts). Sponsored Programs & Projects staff assists investigators in preparation and submission of all proposals. Except for certain fellowships awarded directly to individuals, principal investigators or program directors may not apply for or receive funding directly from sponsoring organizations without receiving University approval. All proposals must be processed through Sponsored Programs & Projects at either the Main Campus or the Health Sciences Center.

Sponsored Programs & Projects also works closely with the Office of Development and Alumni/ae Affairs to help secure funding for the University. Sponsored Programs & Projects is responsible for assisting faculty in locating corporate and foundation support for specific activities. Research-related activities that involve corporate contracts also come under the purview of Sponsored Programs & Projects. The Office of Development is responsible for the solicitation of private sector development funds from corporations, foundations, associations, and individuals. Therefore all proposals for sponsored projects to private foundations and corporations must be coordinated with and receive approval from both Sponsored Programs & Projects and the Office of Development.

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