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Six Commitments

In his inaugural address, President Neil D. Theobald laid out his vision for Temple’s future as a leading public research university in one of the nation’s truly great cities. These six commitments will ensure Temple fulfills its immense potential to address the challenges and realize the opportunities of the new urban frontier.

1. A commitment to affordability
At a time when many students across the nation are priced out of a high-quality higher education or burdened by mounting debt, Temple is committed to access, affordability and bold, innovative strategies to reduce student debt. 

2. Telling the Temple story
Temple’s reputation as one of the nation’s finest urban research universities is growing, based on broadening awareness of the excellence and creativity of the faculty. The world needs to know how good a Temple education truly is.

3. Harnessing the mind to help the city
Temple is Philadelphia’s public university and a powerful intellectual partner for the city and the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Temple’s community of scholars is committed to using its expertise, creativity and energy to tackle the toughest challenges facing urban communities.

4. Research that improves lives
Temple’s pioneering research enterprise is focused on breakthroughs and technologies that enhance people’s everyday lives. These breakthroughs will have an impact on Philadelphia and in communities across the nation.

5. A student body that is as diverse and international as the real world
Temple is one of the nation’s most diverse universities, with a student body that represents the ethnicities, languages, religions and cultures of the world. Attracting students of all backgrounds and nationalities is key - homogeneity is a death sentence in the modern world.

6. The entrepreneurial spirit: Ready for success
Being “real-world ready” means providing opportunities across all disciplines to foster student entrepreneurship and innovation, so that Temple students will create their own success regardless of economic conditions.