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Facilities and Technology

The following list of buildings on Temple's main campus house Boyer's programs, classrooms and facilities. Click here for more information for on and off-campus performance venues.


BOYER RECORDING STUDIO is open to all Temple students, faculty and staff only. It is located on the third floor of Presser Hall. Reservations are required. Contact to reserve the studio. See rate sheet here. Please note that only checks are accepted payable to "Temple University" or Diamond Dollars. Cash is NOT accepted as payment for use of the Studio.


Main Studio

24 channel digital recording studio

Pro Tools 11 HDX

C24 control surface

Plugins from Sonnox, Waves, and Izotope

Genelec and Focal speakers

Universal Audio and True System Precision 8 mic preamps

Direct audio and video link to Klein Recital Hall

Gotham Audio cables

Steinway B

Mixing room:
Pro Tools 11

Genelec speakers

Plugins by Izotope and Waves
Dangerous Source Stereo Monitor




CONWELL DANCE THEATER (5th floor, Conwell Hall) is a fully equipped 175 seat “black box” theater. The stage floor is 40’ wide by 30’ deep with black and white reversible marley flooring over a wood floor. Stage masking includes four legs per side, a white scrim upstage with a black velour traveler curtain in front of it. There is a “dimmer-per-circuit” lighting system with 96 dimmers and an ETC Ion computer lighting console. House light plot with source-four instruments and a generous supply of additional instruments that can be added as “specials.” Audio system includes a Mackie CR-1604 electronic mixer, CD player, Yamaha Amplifier, 4 - Veris 16-96 Full Range two way speakers, a 100’ – 8x4 snake and an assortment of microphones, cables, and stands for live music.


MITTEN HALL houses offices for Temple Opera Theater.

PRESSER LISTENING LIBRARY is a branch of Temple’s Paley Library, located in Presser Hall on Temple’s main campus. The PLL is home to over 10,000 records, 9,000 CDs, 1,300 scores, 200 videorecordings, 500 recordings of Boyer College ensembles, and 200-300 books. It has three listening stations equipped with turntables and CD players, two viewing stations for video and DVD recordings, two ipad stations for streaming audio and other music apps, and six Macintosh computer stations for using our iTunes audio database, streaming audio, and Sibelius and Finale notation software. The library is steadily converting its record collection to mp3 format for use within the library and music classrooms. The PLL does not circulate materials to students; they are for use in the library only.



atrium entrance
Joint atrium entrance: Presser Hall & Tyler School of Art. Also home to main office for Center for the Arts.
  • Smart classrooms, recital rooms, practice rooms, large ensemble rehearsal rooms
  • Teaching studios, listening library, ensemble libraries, music education & music therapy libraries
  • Piano lab, student lounge,  loaner instruments (“Pet Shop”), AV and recording equipment
  • Open 24 hours during fall and spring semesters for Boyer students and faculty
  • Presser Listening Library with audio and video playback at 13 listening stations; 10,000 LP's; 5,000 CD's; 1,300 scores, 300 books, 500 digital recordings of Boyer ensemble performances. More information for students.
  • Presser Learning Center: library/laboratory with music education focus. Books, films, Cd's, recordings, perodicals.
  • 110 pianos
  • Computer Music Teaching Lab with 16 iMac student stations running ProTools, Digital Performer, Finale, Sibelius, iLife Suite and Adobe Creative Suite, Max/MSP Jitter, Final Cut Express and Logic Express.


  • 325-seat auditorium with 5.1 surround-sound Meyer speakers, 6500 lumens Panasonic video projection, Da-Lite motorized screen, fast ethernet, and in-house Yamaha and Denon equipment; matching DPA ultra-small form factor microphones and audio cabling
  • Practice rooms, computer music labs, small ensemble rehearsal rooms, audition room, green room, harpsichord and harp dedicated rooms
  • Home to Keyboard, Instrumental, Early Music, Composition Departments as well as Alice Tully Chamber Music Library and the Presser Creative Music Technology Center
  • Presser Creative Music Technology Center with 2 labs running Apple Power Macs with Digital Performer, Finale, Sibelius, iLife Suite and Adobe Creative Suite, Max/MSP Jitter. Lab 1 is a Computer Music Teaching Lab with 13 student stations. Lab 2 is a Visual Music Lab for multi-channel video projects with 5 student stations with 24-inch screens and Mackie studio monitors. Equipment includes a Digidesign 003 Factory interface with ProTools 11 and Avid Complete TK2-e for 5.1 Surround mixing using JBL EON G2 monitors, or stereo mixing with Genelec 8030-A nearfield monitors. In addition to the standard lab software, computers are running ProTools 11, REAKTOR, Metasynth,and Final Cut Pro X.

TEMPLE PEFORMING ARTS CENTER is where Boyer's large ensembles perform, including: the orchestra, wind symphony, choirs, percussion ensemble and jazz band. Lew Klein auditorium: stage fits 100-person orchestra. Choir seating accommodates 218 singers.  Audience capacity: 1,200. Chapel of the Four Chaplains, in lower level, seats 100.

TEMPLE'S TECH CENTER contains a music computer lab and recording booths.


TOMLINSON THEATER is a 425-seat proscenium theater for Boyer’s opera productions.