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Professional Studies Certificate

The Boyer College offers a one-year program of graduate Professional Studies in performance, with majors in classical guitar, keyboard, opera, orchestral instruments, and voice. The central purpose of the Professional Studies program is to provide intensive training in the major performance area for students who are already performing at the Master's exit level and who are seeking special preparation for the professional world (e.g. preparation for orchestral auditions).

Professional Studies is rooted in the conservatory tradition with its strong emphasis on advanced performance study. Students are required to complete a minimum of eighteen credits, two semesters of full-time study. While the curricula vary somewhat according to major, all share an emphasis on private study and related performance courses (ensembles or repertoire courses).

Surrounding the performance core are electives designed to meet the individual needs of the student. These may be advanced theory or history courses, performance practice courses, non-music courses which support the student's major study, or courses designed to fill gaps in earlier study. Where appropriate to the student's needs, and with departmental permission, elective credit might also be fulfilled by additional repertoire or ensemble courses, but only if this does not limit the participation of students in the other programs in the College.

Students admitted to the program are classified as non-matriculated graduate students by the University, since the program does not lead to a degree. No portion of the Professional Studies curriculum can be completed by credit transfer from another institution. Additionally, credit earned in Professional Studies cannot be transferred to another Boyer College program. A graduation recital is not required; however, students are required to play a jury each semester. Only grades of B- and higher will be counted toward certificate requirements.

No degree is awarded. A certificate of participation is awarded upon successful completion of the requirements of the program.

The Program Standards for graduate students in the Boyer College are published in the Graduate Bulletin. These standards apply to Professional Studies students, as well as to degree students. College financial aid policies and procedures, also published in the Graduate Bulletin, apply to Professional Studies students.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

To view information on program costs, related occupations and occupational profiles, on-time graduation rates, median debt, and other important information, please visit the Disclosure page.