Request for Payment (formerly Check Request)

Request for Payment Forms are used to pay for certain goods and/or services not ordinarily handled through the Purchasing Department or ordered on a Purchase Order. A Request for Payment is NOT needed to process an invoice, regardless of the amount. The invoice should be processed by submitting it to Accounts Payable with an account and center to be charged and an authorizing signature; it is not necessary to attach it to a Request for Payment. Requests for Payment are not substitutions for purchase orders. Properly approved Request for Payment are required for the following types of transactions:

  • Payments where no invoice is issued,
  • Advance payments for fixed price items.

The following are examples of items for which a Request for Payment is the proper vehicle for payment. Please direct questions regarding specific items or charges to Accounts Payable.

Payments to Individuals: Only for student refunds, scholarships, book allowances, royalties, no services required program payments etc.

Payments to an individual for services or consulting must be submitted on an Independent Contractor/Consultant Request for Payment Form.

Special Services: legal settlements and some miscellaneous services

Fixed Price Items: subscriptions, seminar or conference registrations, university authorized dues and authorized membership fees. When it is necessary to send a subscription or seminar form with the check, please attach an extra copy for this purpose.

A Request for Payment cannot be used for purchase of capital items, travel, or any goods or most services over $3,000. The Temple University Business Card should be used for all items under $3,000, except travel, whenever possible.

If you have a question concerning a specific transaction and whether a Request for Payment is the proper document to generate payment, please contact Accounts Payable at 204-7372.

Processing of a request for payment

A Request for Payment cannot be processed for payment until the following requirements are met:

Proper Authorization: The approval signature on every Request for Payment is verified against the Signature Authorization System. If the payment is being charged to a grant or research project, signature approval must come from an individual authorized to sign for that grant/project or from RPD at the University or Sponsored Projects at the Health Science Center.

Supporting Documentation: All Requests for Payment must have the appropriate supporting documentation attached.

Account Information: The fund, organization and account to be charged must be indicated, and must be valid. Please refrain from using 7200 or 7600 unless the chart of accounts does not contain the appropriate payment description needed. Suggestions for new account codes can be sent to

Special Instructions: As a rule, all checks are mailed directly from the A/P department to the vendor or individual. Should an unusual, non-recurring situation arise, special department handling may be possible. Any special instructions, such as "RUSH", "mail an attachment with the check," or "call the department when the check is ready," should be noted clearly on the request form. However, this should only be used when absolutely necessary.


Check Run Schedule Direct Deposits (ACH) are done daily and Disbursements (Paper Check Runs) are done on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.


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