Purchase Orders

Please refer to Purchasing for information regarding how to obtain a Purchase Order.

Blanket Purchase Orders

Vendor: The vendor must send the original invoice to the ordering department. Upon receipt of the invoice, an authorized individual must sign and date the invoice and forward it to Accounts Payable. The individual’s signature indicates that the goods or services were received, the price is accurate and acceptable, and the vendor should be paid. The invoice with valid FOAPAL and approval should then be forwarded to Accounts Payable for processing and payment.

Accounts Payable: The Accounts Payable Department is responsible to review all invoices requested for processing and payment. In addition, we ensure the appropriate documentation, authorizations, and FOAPAL including a purchase order for all invoices with a purchase order value.

Payment Terms: University payment term is net 30 from invoice date.

Contracts/Lease Payments

Once contract/lease has been assigned a purchase order number, the ordering department must submit a payment request and/or invoice referencing the purchase order in order for vendor to be paid. It is important these requests are submitted to accounts payable within 10 days from payment due date. Please note: Payments cannot be automatically produced.

Regular Purchase Orders

Vendor: The vendor must send the original invoice to the Accounts Payable Department per the printed instructions on the Purchase Order.

Ordering Department - $5000.01 and over: When the goods or service is received, the authorized individual must go into TUmarketplace to enter receipt. Once receiver is entered, receiver will feed into Banner and match up against the invoice to release payment to the vendor. Note: Items $5,000 and under do not require a receipt for payment.

There are two types of receipts, quantity receipts and cost receipts. Quantity receipts are utilized for product orders; you can receive total quantities or enter partial quantities for each line as product is received. You should also use the quantity receipt for service orders when one payment for the full amount of this service has been received. Cost receipts are utilized for service orders requiring serveral partial payments over a period of time.

In some cases, vendors erroneously mail their invoices to the department ordering the goods. When this occurs, it is essential that the department forwards the invoice to Accounts Payable immediately.

Accounts Payable: Upon receipt from the vendor, Accounts Payable will process the invoice. The A/P System performs a match between the purchase order, invoice, and receiving report (if required). When this match is successful, payment will automatically be made to the vendor on the due date. If any of the required documents are incorrect or missing, the match will not take place and the vendor will not be paid. Therefore, timely receipt of a receiving report from the ordering department is essential for payment. Accounts Payable will initiate the proper action in the event that the match is not successful, so that the vendor can be paid in a timely manner.



    Check Run Schedule Direct Deposits (ACH) are done daily and Disbursements (Paper Check Runs) are done on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.


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