Recurring Vendor Payment Process

Temple University’s Accounts Payable department has the ability to set up recurring vendor payments as long as the payments meet the following requirements:

  • Each of the payments are for the same amount
  • Each of the payments follow the same payment schedule (i.e. weekly,  monthly, quarterly)
  • Payments are related to a purchase order

How do I go about setting up a recurring payment for a vendor?

  • Complete a Request for Payment (Check Request) Form.  Indicate the amount of the recurring payment and attach any supporting documentation (i.e. copy of statement or current invoice).
  • Notate “Recurring Payment” on the form in the description section.  Also, indicate the time period that the payment needs to be set up for and whether the payment should be made weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.
    • Example:  January 2014 thru June 2014 (6 monthly payments)
  • Indicate the purchase order number associated with the payments.

How do I go about cancelling or changing my recurring payment?

  • Contact the Accounts Payable department immediately via email or contact any member of the Accounts Payable management team.
    • Please indicate the purchase order in your email and indicate what needs to be changed (cancel completely, change amounts, change timing of payments).
  • Once invoices are cancelled, you will need to submit a change order through TUmarketplace to have the purchase order closed.
  • In cases where the amount is changing, a change order will need to be submitted through TUmarketplace to adjust the PO for the payment changes affecting the remainder of the time period that it is in effect.
  • Once change order is completed, new paperwork must be submitted to Accounts payable in order to set-up the new recurring payment.