Stop Payment Request

When requesting this information, follow either of the following steps:

Stop Payment on a Temple Check

This request can be sent via the TUhelp application located on the MYTUportal tab.

When you send this request please:

  • Include an explanation as to why the stop is being requested and what action Accounts Payable needs to follow (i.e. Stop Payment and Reissue or Stop and Void)
  • List the check number, vendor name, amount, and the reason for this request (duplicate payment, damaged check, separate check was need, lost/never received, incorrect address, check expired, etc.)

Physical Temple University Check

  • Return check to the Accounts Payable department
  • Note directly on the check what actions need to take place, such as void and reissue or void and cancel.
  • Include a reason (vendor name incorrect, damaged check, incorrect amount, incorrect vendor, etc.)


    Check Run Schedule Direct Deposits (ACH) are done daily and Disbursements (Paper Check Runs) are done on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.


    Temple University (083-07)
    Accounts Payable Department
    1852 N. 10th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19122-8307
    Phone: (215) 926-2048
    Fax: (215) 926-2022


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