Bids and Price Quotes

Price Quotes

The Purchasing Department is responsible for receiving verbal, written, and formal price quotes. Dollar thresholds have been established in the Purchasing Department, dictating proper bid processing. Departments are not authorized to solicit price quotes without prior approval from the Purchasing Department.  Departments may request estimated pricing for budgetary purposes.

Competitive Bidding Process


The Purchasing Department is responsible for the bid process for all departmental requisitions.  The Purchasing Department will solicit competitive bids whenever possible from three or more bidders unless the item is available from only one source. The Purchasing Department has the authority to select other than the lowest bidder on a competitively bid transaction. The selection, however, must be supported by an explanation on the purchase requisition, that states the reason(s) for not placing the order with the lowest bidder.


All purchasing documents and related correspondence which refers to prices and terms of purchase for products and services are confidential and may not be revealed to outside parties under any circumstances by any member of the University.

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