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Fiscal Year End 2013

Blanket Requests and Fiscal Year End Requests Memo

Blanket Requests

Before submitting a request for a blanket order, carefully evaluate the need for it. A Temple Purchasing Card (TPCard) feature has been made available for several enabled vendors, which are listed on the TPC Enabled Vendors page. Using the TPCard may also be useful for non-TUmarketplace vendors in lieu of a blanket order with an anticipated yearly spend of $5,000 or less.

Fiscal Year End Requests

The accounting rules will remain the same as they have in past years. Requests that are required for the current fiscal year should have already been submitted. Any requisition processed by the Purchasing department where the vendor guarantees a delivery date of June 30th or prior will be charged to the fiscal year 2013 budget. Any purchase order with a delivery date after June 30th will automatically be charged to fiscal year 2014.

The Purchasing department cannot guarantee that all requisitions requesting delivery for the current fiscal year will be processed and delivered by June 30th from this point forward. Many products have a twelve week or longer delivery schedule. Therefore, if a request has not already been submitted, it is highly recommended that it is done immediately. This is the busiest time of year for Purchasing. Year end requests will be processed on a First In First Out (FIFO) basis.

PLEASE NOTE: The final day for TUmarketplace catalog requisitions to be charged to fiscal year 2013 is June 26th. All catalog purchase orders created after the end of business on June 26th will be charged to fiscal year 2014.

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