Indirect Cost Encumbrances Process

Effective November 29, 2011 indirect costs associated with externally sponsored grants and
contracts will be calculated and encumbered. This encumbrance will be displayed in the
commitment column of your cost center report accessed through Cognos and in queries access in Self-Service Banner. This change is prospective. Periods prior to FY 2012 Period 5 will not have
indirect costs encumbered. Industry sponsored clinical trials (55 Funds) will not be included as a
part of this process.

An initial encumbrance will be calculated on any award that has an available balance in the
indirect cost account (Account 7623). Going forward, adjustments to these encumbrances will be
made based on the daily activity in the grant-related FOAPAL.

This encumbrance process will allow those that are responsible for reviewing grant cost center
reports to clearly see the amount available in direct costs that is available to spend on research.
If you have any questions or feedback regarding these new initiatives, please feel free to contact
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