Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

Roles & Responsibilities Matrix

Sponsored Programs                       Roles & Responsibilities Matrix Principal Investigator College           Department Administrator* Sponsored Programs Research Accounting
Pre-Award and Proposal Preparation
Funding identification P S S
Review of sponsor guidelines/RFP CP CP CP
Provide expert guidance on funding opportunities S P
Proposal development P S S
Identify special needs (i.e. space, equipment, cost share, course release costs) CP CP
Budget & justification development CP CP S
Contract & Grant final review CP S CP
University sign-off/submission approval P
Provide institutional review and interpretation of TU policy for compliance and correctness per agency guidelines & applicable law S P S
Negotiate and accepting terms and conditions of award P
Collects PI’s & Dean’s signatures S P
Copies & collating of proposals/Uploading of electronic documents CP CP
Initial Receipt of award notice CP CP
Budget revisions, conflict of interest, other compliance issues S S P
Set up Grant/Fund number (FOAPAL), enter budget and notify PI and College. S S CP CP
Regulatory Compliance, including IRB, IACUC, Radiation Safety, Occupational/Environmental Health, Conflict of Interest, Responsible Conduct of Research, Export Controls and other regulatory requirements specific to the project." P S
Subrecipient Monitoring (TU Prime)
Complete Financial Impact Statement (FIS) P
Execute sub-awards (SPA obtains institutional signatures) P
Amend statement of work or budget/Contest deliverable CP S CP
Subrecipient work monitoring CP CP S
Subrecipient financial monitoring S P
Subrecipient Payables Invoice Approval P S
Post- Award and Billing
Verify budget is accurate CP CP S
Monitoring account balances/spending CP CP S
Forecasting/projections  CP CP
Non-allowable cost analysis S S P
Liaison with sponsor - Program P S
Liaison with sponsor - Administrative S S CP CP
No Cost Extension request/Revised budgets CP S CP
Approving expenditures > $5,000 CP CP S
Cost Transfers/Journal entries CP CP S
Issue and certify effort reports CP CP CP
Reconcile accounts CP CP
Develop/negotiate F&A rate P
Develop/negotiate Fringe Benefit rates P
Processing salaries P S
Identify program income S P
Approving summer salaries CP CP S S
Monitor and resolve deficits S CP CP
Reporting final invention statement CP CP
Invoicing of Sponsors (not industry clincial trial) S P
Invoicing of Industry Sponsored Clinical Trials P S
Budget entries and Adjustments CP S CP
Follow-up on Accounts Receivable Balances S S P
Posting and reviewing of Payments to Awards S P
Financial reporting to sponsor P
Sending technical report to sponsor P S
Cancel PO on grants P S
Closeout CP CP CP
Responsible for compliance CP CP CP CP
Transferring Awards to Temple
PI requests from former institution to transfer grant funding P S
Former institution files transfer request with sponsoring agency S S
Relinquishing statement is received. P S S
PI and department submit transfer proposal to sponsoring agency. CP S CP
Agency issues notice of award. S S P S
Relinquishment of Awards
PI requests from Chair and Dean to relinquish awards. CP CP
Complete and review relinquishment statement. S P S
Determine equipment that will be transferred with PI. CP CP
Terminate sub-contracts, if any. S P
Complete final invoicing. P
P- Primary           S - Secondary           CP - Co Primary           
* PI assumes this role when there is no departmental business manager available.
Note:  This matrix has been developed through the collaboration of Sponsored Programs Administration, Research Accounting Services, Associate Deans for Research and business managers from the various schools and colleges that participated on the Research Accounting Services Roles and Responsibilities Focus Group.
Last Update:  March 21, 2013




Check out the Research Tab and TUcheckbook tool in the TUportal!

If you have access in Banner to a grant related FOAPAL, you will automatically be granted access to the "Research" tab. The "Research" tab contains a link to the TUcheckbook tool within the "Researcher Resources" channel. The TUcheckbook will allow you to quickly view your available balance on your grant, as well as provide the ability to drill into more details. Features include the ability to drill into labor encumbrances and purchase order balances. Take a moment to explore the features by viewing this training video.

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