Meals Reimbursement

Meal expenses and any tips related to meals will be reimbursed via the meal and incidentals per diem. The claim for reimbursement should represent only those meals consumed and paid for by the employee while on business travel. Travel throughout the day could put traveler in several places with differing per diems. The traveler is eligible for the meal per diem in effect for the location where the individual spends the night. For the final travel day, the per diem in effect will be that of the prior night's stay.

There is no meal allowance for travel of 10 hours or less within the same calendar day. When the travel period is more than 10 hours but less then 24 hours, you may claim expenses for those meals for which you were not at home. Reimbursement for meal expenses when no overnight travel is involved requires that the meal reimbursement be reported to the IRS as taxable income to the employee unless a business purpose is stated for the meal.

If meals are provided by a conference or host, then the meal per diem for that trip will be adjusted to correspond with the meals that were provided. In the event that all meals for a day are provided by a conference, no meal per diem can be claimed. If the traveler has dietary restrictions for health or religious reasons that cannot be accommodated by the host or conference (traveler must take initiative to notify of such in advance), this must be clearly documented before per diems may be claimed.

Group Meals

If an individual is claiming the entire meal expense they must list those in attendance, the specific purpose and provide an itemized receipt.

Employee-only Group Meals

Events involving only employees and/or students require an itemized receipt, business purpose and list of attendees for reimbursement. When several employees are on travel status and dine together, the fact that they are dining together does not constitute a business group meal. Since each employee is on travel status, each would have a per diem available and will be reimbursed accordingly. The purpose of the meal in this case is not to conduct business.

Domestic Per Diem Rates

Domestic Daily Rate Breakdown:

Total per day $46.00 $51.00 $56.00 $61.00 $66.00 $71.00
Breakfast $7.00 $8.00 $9.00 $10.00 $11.00 $12.00
Lunch $11.00 $12.00 $13.00 $15.00 $16.00 $18.00
Dinner $23.00 $26.00 $29.00 $31.00 $34.00 $36.00
Incidentals $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00

Foreign Per Diem Rates

Foreign Daily Rate Breakdown


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