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Robert W. Clark, PhD

Robert W. Clark, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the Center for Professional Development in Career and Technical Education. He can be contacted at

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Chester P. Wichowski, DEd


Chester P. Wichowski, D.Ed.
Associate Director Center for Career & Technical Education

Dr. Wichowski provides leadership on the management and analysis of educational research. He designs, conducts, and provides analysis on Center-related research. He directs special projects and develops formative and summative evaluations to guide direction and decision making for Center activities. Dr. Wichowski serves as liaison to area career technical centers in matters of labor market survey research and needs assessments. He is recognized as an authority on curriculum design. He also coordinates the Cooperative Education Certification Program. Past president of ACTE New and Related Services Division, Dr. Wichowski is currently serving as the President of the Pennsylvania Association of Career and Technical Education.

Elizabeth Richard, PhD


Elizabeth Richard, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Dr. Richard teaches Cooperative Education certification classes and is responsible for the Center's Continuing Technical and Professional Development and Support across all content areas. Dr. Richard's interests are career/technical and academic integration, CTE program administration, contextual and experiential learning, cooperative education, B. S. degree recruitment, program-to-program articulation and student advising. She brings many years of industry, academic teaching, and CTE experience to this position.

Kelly Homick, M.Ed


Kelly Homick, M.Ed.
Vital/Mastery Coordinator

Ms. Homick is the Center's Lead Program Coordinator for the Field-Based/Competency-Based Teacher Education System. She coordiantes the VITAL/Mastery Program in designing, developing, and maintaining the curriculum while providing effective and competent CTE teachers to schools in Pennsylvania's eastern region. She manages and places Field Resource Associates (FRAs) and Regional Resource Personnel (RRPs) in schools to observe and assist teachers. Ms. Homick's goal is to assist educators in developing innovative ways using today's technology to diversify not only instruction in the classroom, but more effective and efficient ways to manage teacher education programs.

C. Gloria Heberley, EdD

C. Gloria Heberley, Ed.D.
Program Development Specialist

Dr. Heberley assists in a variety of Center activities including promotion and publicity of Center research and events.  She is responsible for editing and updating the Center website and coordinates CTE job placement and recruitment.


Joseph DeFranco, M.Ed.
Field Resource Associate

Mr. DeFranco serves in the field-based VITAL/Mastery CTE certification program as well as Cooperative Education.  He is Parliamentarian of both the Pennsylvania Association of Career & Technical Educators and the Pennsylvania Cooperative Education Association.

Nancy Johnston, B.S.


Nancy G. Johnston, B.S.
Coordinator of Teacher Certification Advising & Admissions

Ms. Johnston advises and assists students as they advance through CTE certification and degree programs.   She continues to streamline the CTE certification advising process.


D. James Gilmour, Ph.D.

Dr. Gilmour is OCA Coordinator, the advisor for Business, Computer, and Information Technology and Marketing Education. He is also an Adjunct Professor.


Michael Erwin, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael Erwin coordinates the Centerís Leadership Program and conducts Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership activities offered by the Center. He has an interest in using data for program improvement and improving student performance.


Vivyaine Poinsette
Department Coordinator

Ms. Poinsette assists the Executive Director with Center management.


Joyce Howard
Teacher Education/CT&PD Program Assistant

Ms. Howard assists with Professional Development Workshops and Seminars, the Cooperative Education Certification Program, and the Business and Computers and Information Technology Program.

Joane Majors


Joane Majors
OCA and Certification Program Assistant

Ms. Majors coordinates the scheduling of OCA testing. She also assists in the CTE certification process.