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Professional Development and Support

The Center provides a program of Continuing Technical and Professional Development (CT&PD) for Career & Technical Education teachers, administrators, and specialists in eastern Pennsylvania.


  • to continue to provide regional technical and pedagogical updating experiences for career and technical teachers, administrators, and support staff and
  • to provide on-site, in-depth assistance designed to improve the academic competence of career-bound youth

Experiences include seminars, workshops, academies, institutes, and a variety of other continuing development activities available to teachers, administrators, and specialists in career and technical education centers and comprehensive high schools throughout eastern Pennsylvania.

CT&PD Experiences available throughout the year:
  • Teacher Leadership Network
  • Writing Workshops
  • Individual professional development module “Implementing Safety Programs and Practices” available on CD or via Blackboard.
Upcoming professional development experiences:

August 4 and 5, 2014 - Two Locations

Twenty-seventh Annual Family and Consumer Science Academy

Click here for details.

THEME: Connecting STEM and FCS

August 4 -- Lehigh Carbon Community College

August 5 -- Temple Ambler

For a complete list of Center activities, including CT&PD experiences, click this link: Calendar

CT&PD experiences are based on a comprehensive needs assessment, with input from the following sources:

  • scanning sessions of teachers and administrators, configured sub-regionally, convened each fall to discuss needs and react to Center proposals for CT&PD experiences, which are then linked to the Center’s overall advisory group, the Professional Development Advisory Committee ( PDAC);
  • advisory committees made up of volunteers from the group for which the experience is intended; and
  • evaluative data collected from previous similar experiences.

Rev. 5 19 2014

Contact Information

Elizabeth Richard, PhD

Assistant Professor

215-204-6224 (Voice)