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Graduation 2011



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                  CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 2011!


May 23, 2011

CONTACT:  Krista Giuffi, krista.giuffi@temple.edu




Photos by Joseph V. Labolito, Temple University

A full collection of Class of 2011 Commencement photos is available for viewing, download or purchase at http://templeuniversityschoolofmedicine.shutterfly.com/pictures/1958.


Commencement for the Temple University School of Medicine Class of 2011, held on May 16, 2011, recognized the achievements of 177 students who earned the doctor of medicine degree; three who earned a dual doctor of medicine and doctor of philosophy degree; 18 who earned the doctor of philosophy degree; and six who earned the master of science degree. The event was held at The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia, a beautiful venue for the upbeat gathering of graduates, faculty, friends and family.


Following the performance of the national anthem by The Transplantations, the medical student a cappella group, Dean Larry R. Kaiser, MD, addressed the graduates and their loved ones. He told the graduating class that they are entering the medical profession during a time of uncertainty, as the landscape of healthcare in the United States stands poised for change. “You will be a part of this change in the years to come,” he said to the graduates, “and there is no greater calling than the profession you have chosen.”

Emeritus Dean, John M. Daly, MD, an alumnus of the school himself, served as the commencement’s keynote speaker. He reflected on the contrast of having seen the graduates in sandals and cut-offs during their orientation as brand-new students in 2007 to seeing them in caps and gowns at commencement. “This graduation is just a point in your journey as you become a physician,” he said.


He advised the new graduates to think about how technology is changing healthcare delivery and diagnosis. Technological advances like electronic medical records and searchable online data bases better equip physicians and are creating more informed patients. But despite these technological advancements, he implored the graduates, “do not forget the critical importance of the patient-doctor relationship.”

Nevin McGinley, MD’11, President of the Class of 2011, spoke on behalf of his classmates. He recalled the prominent quote by Sir William Osler: The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease. “This quote reinforces what we learned at Temple,” he said.

Dr. McGinley pointed out that there were three main groups of people who helped all graduates throughout their years at TUSM: family, mentors, and patients. Family members and mentors provided love, support, and compassion throughout their years of studies. “But the patients, they challenged us to be the best doctors we could be,” he said.

Andrew Foderaro, MD ’11, co-editor of the 2011 yearbook, The Skull, sang the praises of the faculty member chosen by the class as its yearbook dedicatee, James Heckman, PhD, Associate Professor of Physiology. Dr. Foderaro praised Dr. Heckman as a faculty member who demonstrates dedication to teaching both in and outside of the classroom, a professor who “gets to know his students as a whole.”


In his acceptance remarks, Dr. Heckman thanked the graduates for helping him hone his teaching skills through his experiences teaching them. He reminded the graduates to consider themselves physicians and educators because they would be educating their patients as well as treating them. Recalling his sailing excursions with students, Dr. Heckman’s parting words were: “may you always have fair winds and flowing seas.”

Participating in the presentation of MS and PhD diplomas were Dean Kaiser and Scott Shore, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. Participating in the presentation of diplomas to the MD degree recipients were Drs. Richard Kozera, MD, Executive Associate Dean;, Kathleen Reeves, MD, Associate Dean of Student Affairs; and Gerald Sterling, PhD, Senior Associate Dean of Education. Dean Kaiser conferred all the degrees with Solomon Luo, MD, representing the University Board of Trustees.


Serving as Marshals were faculty members Drs. Brett Oxberry and Anuradha Paranjape. Assisting with the hooding of the graduates were Drs. Steven R. Houser, Marc Monestier, Ellen Unterwald, Dianne Soprano, Paul Lyons, Alisa Peet, Stephen Permut, and Carson Schneck.


Dr. McGinley led the recitation of the Hippocratic Oath. Organist Wesley Parrott provided the processional and recessional music. William Schulze, Assistant Dean for Academic Affiliations, gave the invocation and benediction, and Executive Associate Dean Richard Kozera served as Master of Ceremonies.

Among the graduates were 18 individuals with family members who also graduated from the School of Medicine and/or who serve as faculty. As is Temple tradition, these family members took their places on stage to participate in the conferring of diplomas.

The graduates will now embark on post-graduate training at Yale, Wake Forest, Duke, and other leading institutions across the United States. Approximately 32% will remain in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including 27 who will continue their training at Temple. Those with MS and PhD degrees will pursue careers in industry, government and education.


Student Awards

Each year just before commencement at Temple University School of Medicine, select faculty and graduating students are presented with honors for special achievement. On May 13, 2011, during a ceremony attended by family, friends, classmates and colleagues, the following members of the Class of 2010 and their faculty received these special honors:


THE MARY DALY AWARD for excellence in clinical care, compassion, and patient service:

Liza Green-Golan


JOSEPH. DOANE MEMORIAL PRIZE for the member of the graduating class who has attained the highest average throughout all four years of medical school:

Mollie A. Land


THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SERVICE AWARD for leadership and service that has made outstanding contributions to the life of the medical school:

Nevin McGinley

Charles Newcomer


FLORENCE G. FREEDMAN AWARD for outstanding achievement in cancer research:

Evan Noch


ANGELO DIGEORGE PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN PEDIATRICS for a graduate who has been attending an affiliate campus:

Kimberly Houck

Elizabeth Wilson


JOHN F. HUBER AWARD for excellence in gross anatomy:

Paul Zimmerman


LEROY KRUMPERMAN AWARD for the most promising graduate entering the field of anesthesiology:

Matthew T. Hunter


EXCELLENCE IN EMERGENCY MEDICINE AWARD for a member of the graduating class who has demonstrated excellence both clinically and academically in the specialty of Emergency Medicine:

Ryan M. Spangler



Pamela L. Valenza


DR. JOSEPH N. GROSSMAN PRIZE for commitment to family practice, high academic standards, and sensitive concern for the human aspect of patient care:

Jessica J. Kim


THE EDELL FAMILY ENDOWED PRIZE IN COMMUNITY MEDICINE for commitment to community service and collaborating in service and outreach planning:

Christopher Michael Baumert


MATHILDE AND LOUIS SOLOFF PRIZE for superior knowledge, skill and interest in cardiology:

Thomas Baker


EMMANUEL WEINBERGER PRIZES for excellence in the subspecialties of Internal Medicine:

David Berman (Hematology/Oncology)

Molly A. Land (/Infectious Diseases)

Alice Macgill (Gastroenterologyl)

LESLIE SQUIRES AWARD for outstanding compassion for patients:

Christopher Michael Baumert


JERRY ZASLOW MEMORIAL AWARD for high academic achievement and well-rounded activity within the University and within the community:

Ilsa Leon


DR. CHARLES SCHNALL ALUMNI AWARD FOR CLINICAL EXCELLENCE for the most outstanding performance in the clinical years:

Nicholas Papacostas


DR. HAROLD LAMPORT BIOMEDICAL PRIZE for a paper selected on the basis of its scientific quality, completeness, accuracy, originality, and significance or merit:

Nicholas G/ Zaorsky


THE DR. HERMAN BROWN AWARD for excellence in the study of the art and science of surgery:

Lulu Zhang


W. EMORY BURNETT PRIZE for outstanding work in surgery:

Andreas M. Lamelas


A. RICHARD KENDALL AWARD for Excellence In Urology:

Mohit Sirohi


J. ROBERT TROYER AWARD for the graduate with the highest academic performance in the first curricular year:

Misty Radosevich


FRANK BALDINO AWARD for the graduate with the highest academic performance in the second curricular year

Philip M. Montemuro


CHARLES H. KRAVITZ AWARD IN INTERNAL MEDICINE for academic excellence, familiarity with the current medical literature, intellectual curiosity, warmth, humility, and a genuine commitment to patient care:

Kristin Sterrett


THOMAS M. DURANT PRIZE IN INTERNAL MEDICINE for the member of the graduating class who best exemplifies the ideal physician:

Gregory Schrank


GERALD D. SHOCKMAN AWARD for outstanding scholarship in microbiology and immunology:

Andreas Lamelas


EARLE H. SPAULDING AWARD for outstanding scholarship and aptitude in microbiology and immunology:

Mollie A. Land


MATTHEW T. MOORE PRIZE for excellent performance in neurology, and for personal integrity and conscientiousness:

Peter A. Ljubenkov

Kimberly M. Houck


RAYMOND C. TRUEX AWARD for excellence in neuroscience:

Andreas Lamelas


THE SCHOLAR’S AWARD IN OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY for outstanding aptitude in Obstetrics and Gynecology and for overall excellence in academic performance:

Ilsa Leon


J. ROBERT WILLSON RESEARCH AWARD for great promise for pursuing a career in the reproductive sciences:

Polina S. Niedle


JOHN W. LACHMAN AWARD for outstanding performance in orthopaedic surgery:

Colin M. Mansfield


WALDO E. NELSON PRIZE for the outstanding graduate in Pediatric Medicine:

Lindsay Kaldor


MARY P. WIEDEMAN AWARD for the graduate who has received the highest achievement in physiology:

Jeremy Korteweg


O. SPURGEON ENGLISH AWARD for excellence in behavioral science, behavioral medicine and clinical psychiatry, and for outstanding clinical, academic and interpersonal skills:

Yadira Alonso


AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CLINICAL PATHOLOGISTS’ AWARD FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE for the student who best fulfills the ASCP criteria of academic interest and promise in the field of Pathology:

Stacey L. Barron


HERBERT M. STAUFFER AWARD for special aptitude in radiology during the fourth year:

David Angert


AUGUSTIN PEALE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN PATHOLOGY for a member of the graduating class who demonstrated outstanding achievement in Pathology:

Lauren E. Krug


BRIDGING THE GAPS CLINICAL SCHOLAR AWARDS for completion of the Bridging the Gaps Scholars Program:

Lina Milagros Schuerch

Kristin Walsh


CENTER FOR BIOETHICS, URBAN HEALTH AND POLICY COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD for outstanding contribution to community leadership and advocacy:

Karimah Smith


CENTER FOR BIOETHICS, URBAN HEALTH AND POLICY BIOETHICS AND HUMANITIES AWARD for advanced understanding of the bioethical issues unique to an urban setting:

Ian Sheffer


RAEMMA PAREDES LUCK,MD MEMORIAL FUND FOR HUMANITARIANISM for a graduating student who has exemplified humanitarianism in medicine:

Chloe Bryson-Cahn




Hilary P. Bagshaw
Thomas M. Baker
Stacey L. Barron
Chloe Bryson-Cahn
Benjamin T. Cooper
Elliot C. Dickerson
Stephanie A. Flecksteiner
James F. Giordano
Kimberly M. Houck
Jacklyn Y. Kim
Jessica J. Kim
David H. Kitchell
Lauren E. Krug*
Andreas M. Lamelas*
M. Abigail Land*
Young Lee
Ilsa Leon
Michael E. Liquori
Alice M. Macgill
Michelle Marks
Brian J. McNamara
Philip M. Montemuro
Colin T. Murphy
Nicholas C. Papacostas
Elizabeth M. Paterek
Misty A. Radosevich
Roberto F. Rojas
Gabriel A. Smith
Lacy L. Sommer
Bradley G. Tucker
Mona T. Vakil
Reed C. Williams
Nicholas G. Zaorsky
Lulu Zhang
Zina Z. Zhang

* Inducted in the Third Year



Faculty Awards

THE MARY DELEO PRIZE for excellence in Basic Science Teaching:

James P. Ryan, PhD, Professor of Physiology


GEORGE A. SOWELL AWARD for excellence in first biennium courses:

Gerri A. Shulman, MD, Clinical Professor (Adjunct), Department of Medicine



Manish Garg, MD, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine


BLOCKLEY-OSLER AWARD for a physician-member of the affiliate faculty for excellence in bedside teaching:

Joseph G. Sabol, MD, Internal Medicine, West Penn Allegheny Health System



John P. Carlson, MD, Associate Neurologist, Department of Neurology, Geisinger Medical Center


GOLDEN APPLE AWARDS for outstanding dedication, ability and zeal in furthering the education of medical students:

Amy J. Goldberg, MD

Charles T. Grubmeyer, PhD

Sean P. Harbison, MD

Yajue Huang, MD, PhD

James P. Ryan, PhD