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Application Processing






Pre-Requisite Courses





Q:  I submitted my 2016 application to AMCAS, when will I receive a supplemental application?


A:  Once verified by AMCAS, applicants are sent an email with a link to our online supplemental application. Beginning in early July, we will send emails daily to newly verified applicants.


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Q:  What is the status of my application?


A:  You can check which materials have been processed on our web site:




Once all materials have been received, your application will be placed under review.  For the entering class of 2015, we received over 11,000 applications.


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Q: When will I be notified if my application is selected for interview?


A:  Once an application is complete (supplemental application submitted, supplemental application fee paid, required letters of recommendation received), your application will be placed under review.  Applicants who are invited to interview are notified by email and directed to our online interview calendar to schedule their interview.


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Q:  What is your application deadline?


A:  For entering 2016, the deadline for submitting a complete AMCAS application is December 15, 2015. The deadline to submit transcripts to AMCAS is December 29, 2015. Supporting documentation, including letters of recommendation, the supplemental application and the application fee are due January 15, 2016.


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Q:  I am not a US citizen or permanent resident. Can I still apply?


A:  If you are not a US citizen, we will consider your application if you have permanent resident or refugee/asylee status.  You will need to provide official documentation to the Office of Admissions with your supplemental application.


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Q:  What MCAT scores are valid for the entering 2016 application?


A:  MCAT scores from 2013, 2014, and 2015 will be valid for the 2016 application cycle. The last MCAT we will consider for the Entering 2016 application cycle is September 23, 2015.


Although the exam is now available multiple times within the calendar year, our expectation is that applicants will sit for the exam when they are fully prepared to perform well.  Multiple opportunities to take the exam should not translate into multiple attempts by the applicant.  Once you receive your scores, we strongly suggest that you meet with your pre-medical advisor to review the strength of your application.


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Q:  I already submitted my 2016 application and indicated that I was (or was not) taking the MCAT again in 2015.  My plans have changed and now I will (or will not) be taking the MCAT again in 2015. How should I let you know?


A:  For the entering 2016 application, you can log back onto your AMCAS application and update your original answer to the MCAT question. 


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Q:  How do you evaluate multiple MCAT scores?


A:  We consider the most recent MCAT results. For entering 2016, that would include MCAT administrations from 2013, 2014, and 2015. The last MCAT we will consider for the Entering 2016 application cycle is September 23, 2015.


Applicants are considered with the most recent MCAT results (both section and total). MCAT2015 scores will be evaluated based on the % for each section and the total.


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Q:  Will I be at a disadvantage if you wait to review my application with fall MCAT scores?


A:  If you are taking the MCAT this fall, you either have not taken the MCAT before or are retaking the exam because you feel your scores were not competitive for admission. Regardless of the reason, you would not want us reviewing your application until the scores are released 30 days after test administration.


We begin reviewing applications in the summer and start inviting candidates for interview in August.  We do not review applications until they are complete. Your application would be reviewed later in the process when we receive the new MCAT scores.


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Q:  What is the lowest MCAT or GPA you will consider?


A:  We do not have any minimum numbers.  For the entering class of 2015, the average science GPA was a 3.65, overall GPA was 3.68, and the MCAT was a 32.


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Q:  What letters of recommendation are required?


A:  Applicants are asked to submit a letters of recommendation from an undergraduate pre-health committee, a packet from a school letter compilation service, or three (3) individual letters. If submitting a compilation packet or individual letters, two (2) letters must be from professors with whom you completed course work from the AMCAS course classification of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. We welcome letters from research experiences, but the will not fulfill our science letter requirement. One (1) additional letter is required from a non-science professor, work experience, or service activity.


If there is a compelling reason why you cannot obtain the two science letters, we will review your application with the letters provided. Please indicate in the supplemental application essay why you are unable to provide the requested letters. We welcome as many letters as you wish to provide for your application


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Q:  How should I submit my letters of recommendation to TUSM?


A:  Temple University School of Medicine participates in the AMCAS Letters of Evaluation/Recommendation Program. Your letter writer can forward your letter to AMCAS through the AMCAS Letter Writer Application, Interfolio, mail or Virtual Evals. Once AMCAS receives your letter, they will release an electronic copy to TUSM, as long as you designate Temple as a recipient on your AMCAS application. All letters should be on letterhead and contain the letter writer signature. You can check the "Materials Received" tab on TempleMedOnline to see which letters have been processed.


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Q:  I received AP credit for one of your pre-requisites. Can this be used to fulfill your pre-medical requirements?


A:  We will accept AP credits for two pre-requisite science courses as long as you received credit from your undergraduate institution on your transcript.  If you are using AP credit for any of the pre-requisites, we do like to see upper level courses completed in that discipline.


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Q:  I completed some of the pre-requisite coursework at a community college.  Can the community college coursework be used to fulfill your pre-medical requirements?


A:  We will accept community college credit for two pre-requisite science courses. We prefer that you complete upper level science courses in that discipline after matriculation to your four year institution.  Our recommendation is that you complete general degree requirements, not medical school pre-requisites at community college.


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Q:  Do you accept online coursework to fulfill your pre-medical requirements?


A:  We do not accept any online coursework to fulfill pre-requisite science courses.


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Q:  Can I take a tour of TUSM?


A: Applicants are given a tour of the Medical Education and Research Building on interview day.  Typically each spring we have an Open House for prospective students. Information will be available on our website if there is an Open House.


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Q:  How can I update my contact information?


A:  We cannot update any applicant contact information in our database.  All changes must be updated on your AMCAS application.  You can log back into your AMCAS application, enter the updated information, certify and resubmit the application.


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Q: How can I apply for transfer to Temple?


A: Temple University School of Medicine does not consider applications for transfer or advanced standing.


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Q: How can I obtain a School of Medicine transcript or verify enrollment?


A:  Please visit: www.temple.edu/medicine/alumni/resources/index.htm


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Q: How can I notify the admissions office of updates or corrections to my application?


A:  Please send us your updates and corrections as a PDF document through Send Us Stuff on TMO, https://tmo.temple.edu. This information will be added to your file.


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