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Tribute to Dr. John M. Daly, March 16, 2011



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MARCH 16, 2011



It was a fine send-off for a fabulous dean! In March, hundreds gathered at Temple University School of Medicine to celebrate Dr. John Daly’s eight-and-a-half-year tenure as Dean. Please check out the video and comments of the tribute speakers, below. And wonderful news: Dr. Daly is staying on at Temple as both the Harry C. Donahoo Professor of Surgery and the Surgical Director of the Measey Institute for Clinical Simulation and Patient Safety. We are thrilled to keep him close.




Kathleen Reeves, MD
Daniel Mueller, MD
Thomas Kupp
Solomon Luo, MD
Sandra Gomberg, RN, MSN
Mary Ann Durkin




John M. Daly, MDI am very grateful to the staff for creating this celebration and for the wonderful comments of Mary Ann Durkin, Dr. Kathy Reeves, Tom Kupp, Dr. Sol Luo, and Dr. Daniel Miller of the Class of 2010. Your words meant a great deal to me and will not be forgotten.


I am so fortunate to have been a steward of our institution for these past eight and a half years years. The point of stewardship is to oversee and prepare an institution to continue its mission for the long haul. Some institutions—like Temple—are meant to go on forever. The stewards who help make that happen, however, have a finite life span. Thus, even if we work as stewards for years and years, time always seems to go fast, like a “blink of an eye.”

Time often seems so short. Time with family and friends, time teaching, learning, caring for patients, balancing oneself between work, self and family all happen in a blink.


The past eight and a half years seem to have occurred in a blink of an eye. Yet so much has occurred. We worked hard to revise our curriculum and improve medical education. We clearly and objectively improved the quality of patient care. Our research work is recognized in the very best peer reviewed journals and research funding for our school has increased from $32 million to $57 million last year and is likely to hit $75 million this year. We ’ve served the community well; we’ve made new discoveries. Instead of a school which is just in southeastern Pennsylvania, we now extend to the western, central, northern and southern Pennsylvania regions, creating a diverse environment in which to educate future doctors and community leaders.


We have enhanced the reputations of our hospitals and schools with the recent US News and World Report ranking us in the top 50 schools for research (#45), a goal we set over eight years ago. These rankings tell the world our story of progress here at Temple.


I expect Temple to continue to rise and fly higher than today. When we blink again in 5 to 10 years,we will view this time as a way station on a journey towards greater success. It starts with an attitude, “Just do it.” We can do it for our co-workers, our patients, our friends, family and ourselves.


As most of you know, family is very important to me. I have often talked glowingly about the Temple family. I’d like to introduce some of my family who are with us here tonight:


My son, Bill, and his wife, Ali (son Liam)
My son, Brian, and his wife, Kristin (son Leo)
My daughter, Maureen, and her friend, Dave Moore
My in-laws: Jack and Kathleen Bohemke
Bill and Kathy Bonner
Peggy and Richard Gill
Ray and Patty Kott

I am truly blessed to have you all as relatives and also as good friends. I am blessed, too, to have all of my Temple colleagues. You inspired me, you challenged me, you supported me. You asked tough questions and you answered my tough questions. We came to each other with ideas that made this place special. In short, it has been your stewardship that has made it possible for me to feel proud of what we have accomplished together during my years as dean.


Temple's students, faculty and staff have made me very proud to say that I have been your dean.  Thank you for all you have done and for all you continue to do. Now, as testament to the creativity and innovation of our medical students, I present to you a song they produced especially for me (see video, above)!