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Tribute to Dr. John M. Daly, March 16, 2011



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Kathleen Reeves, MD
Daniel Mueller, MD
Thomas Kupp
Solomon Luo, MD
Sandra Gomberg, RN, MSN
Mary Ann Durkin

   D. Mueller, MD







Daniel Mueller, MD

Temple University School of Medicine Class of 2010


If it weren’t for Dean Daly, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. In fact, no one at Temple medical school would be either; we would all be standing in a parking lot. Our gorgeous state-of-the-art medical school building exists because of Dr. Daly's vision and leadership. It will serve thousands of future medical students, and it will probably be considered his biggest accomplishment as Dean. Of course, revitalizing our medical curriculum and expanding our clinical impact throughout the state with campuses at Allegheny, Geisinger, and St. Luke's are not small accomplishments, either. But these are all the things you could read about Dean Daly in the newspaper. I wanted to also celebrate who the Dean is, and not only what he has been able to accomplish.


What has impressed me most about Dean Daly is his dedication to the students. Despite being one of the people 'at the top,' he has an inviting presence that makes him approachable. He welcomes student ideas with open arms, and encourages students to find new and creative ways to serve the North Philadelphia community and beyond. Besides coming to the usual student events such as orientation, our white coat ceremony, and graduation, you could spot Dean Daly after hours at student government meetings, or downtown, catching Temple’s a cappella choir, the Transplantations, performing. He has always been a proponent of having students on the committees that oversee Curriculum, Doctoring, and 3rd and 4th year Clerkships, among other committees.


Dean Daly is also incredibly humble. He may not remember this story, but I feel it is worth sharing with you. When I was a first year medical student, I was given the opportunity to lead my class in saying the Oath of Geneva at our White Coat Ceremony. I was incredibly nervous. There was a small part I was supposed to read that ended with asking the audience to join Dean Daly and me in repeating the Oath. When I got to the part where I was supposed to say “Dean Daly,” I slipped and said “John, er, I mean, Dean, Daly.” The students chuckled and I’m pretty sure I turned beet red. I was just a new medical student, and here I was calling the Dean by his first name? He joined me up at the podium, and before we recited the Oath together, he turned to me and said, “You know, John is still my name, even though I became the Dean.” That was how he chose to let me know that he wasn’t too worried about what I had said. It really put me at ease, and I was able to get through the Oath and enjoy the rest of the ceremony.


On behalf of Temple medical students and recent graduates, thank you Dean Daly. Thank you for your service, your humility, and your dedication to Temple.


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