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Temple University Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center (TUMRIC) is a centralized resource for clinical and basic science research using MRI imaging. It currently has one 3T Verio Scanner, two 1.5 Tesla scanners and an image post processing laboratory. The scanners are located on the first floor of the Rock Pavilion at Temple University Hospital and the image post-processing laboratory is located on the 7th floor of Jones Hall. Any investigators interested in collaborating/conducting MRI research can follow the links to obtain more information about the procedures and policies of the Center.

TUMRIC Policies and Procedures

The Procedure, Step-by-Step

Forms and Other information

TUMRIC Contacts


TUMRIC Policies and Procedures


  • Funded human subject research hours on the 3 Tesla MRI scanner are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Nights and/or weekends can be utilized by special arrangement.  We will try to utilize Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday research time slots as a first priority in order to assist the clinical service by providing potentially more open clinical slots on Mondays and Fridays.
  • Unfunded time slots for pilot projects are possible and will require review and approval of the research committee.  Unfunded studies are primarily designed to obtain pilot data towards competing for extramural funds. Applications for unfunded studies should include a project title, a short summary of the project, requirements for the project and the long-term goal of the project. This will be reviewed by the research committee and evaluated. These proposals can be submitted to Dr. Mohamed at feroze@temple.edu.
  • Non-human subjects – time can be scheduled but requires special arrangements and can only be done in non-patient hours (evenings, nights, week ends).  Contact Dr. Mohamed at feroze@temple.edu.
  • Scheduling research time should be done as far as possible in advance.  A less than 2 week notice may not be able to be accommodated.

Cancellation Policy.  An investigator must cancel a research slot 48 hours or more beforehand or it is subject to a “strike”. Three strikes and you are out. That is, if an investigator does not cancel 48 hours or more beforehand 3 times, then that particular investigator will no longer be able to schedule time. Exceptions because of unusual circumstances will be considered by the committee.


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The Procedure, Step-by-Step


Step 1.  Please submit the SPAF form (Temple Internal research form), along with the approved budget information to Ms. Amala Daniels at amala.daniels@temple.edu. Please also include the study requirement form (see link below). If applying for funding, please send the study requirement form to get pricing information prior to submitting the grant.


Step 2.  After processing, the investigators will be provided a “card” with the Exam Code to be used for scheduling subjects.  When scheduling, the investigator/research coordinator will have to provide the “card” to registration.  This is important.  Without the "card" the subject will not be scanned.  (State law with human subjects - the card is required in lieu of a prescription.)  The information on the “card” is:

  • The correct exam code for use in scheduling and at registration. 
  • The grant number will also have to be provided to the registrar for insertion in the insurance field during registration. 
  • The referring physician will be the PI of the grant. 
  • The standard subject name and MRN will be used. 
  • The data will be archived in PACS.   

Step 3.  Beforehand, any personnel and the subjects who will be in the scan room MUST complete the MRI screening form (see link below).  Any personnel involved in the project who wish to have access to TUMRIC must take the MRI safety quiz (see link below for the PowerPoint presentation and the safety quiz).  Both the screening form and the safety forms should be handed over to the MRI manager in person prior to the start of the examination or you can e-mail them to lisa.golphin@temple.edu.  The safety quiz is valid for 1 year so it does not have to be taken each time.


Step 4.  To schedule a subject call 215-707-XRAY (9729).  Please provide the correct exam code from the card to the scheduler so the proper research protocol is performed.


Step 5.  Screen the patient with the TUHS MRI screening form beforehand.


Step 6.  Arrive at Temple Hospital (3401 N. Broad Street, 1st Floor Rock Pavilion) with the “card” at least 30 minutes before the scheduled scan and go to MR registration (Room B-180).  


Step 7.  Wait with the patient in large cheerful waiting room equipped with TV, until one of the licensed MRI technologists can take the subject into the private preparation room for a second screening for MRI safety.  All metal and magnetic objects will be removed from patient’s person (e.g., keys, credit cards, jewelry, hearing aids, etc…) and stored securely.


Step 8.  After the subject is cleared by the MR technologist and screening and consent forms are signed, s/he will be escorted to the scan room.


Step 9.  Only personnel authorized will be allowed in the MRI scanning area.


Step 10.  After the study, DICOM images for your analysis can be provided on a DVD-R format.  The data will also be archived in the PACS.


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Forms and Other Information


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TUMRIC Contacts


Patient/Subject Scheduling

3401 N. Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA  19140

Telephone: 215-707-9729 (2-XRAY)


Lisa D. Golphin, RT  

MRI Manager/Lead MRI Technologist  

E-mail: lisa.golphin@temple.edu

Telephone: 215-707-8141

Fax: 216-707-8883


Amala D. Daniels   

Administrator, Department of Radiology

E-mail: amala.daniels@temple.edu

Telephone:  1-215-707-9056  

Fax: 1-215-707-9389

Building/Office: JONES HALL 712  


Feroze B. Mohamed, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Radiology

E-mail:  feroze@temple.edu

Telephone:  215-707-9716

Fax:  215-707-1460


Scott H. Faro, MD

Professor, Department of Radiology

Director, Clinical MRI

Email: scott.faro@tuhs.temple.edu

Telephone:  215-707-4263

Fax: 215-707-9389

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