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TUSM Postbaccalaureate Program

Frequently Asked Questions


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Standardized Test Scores and GPA







Q: Which program is the right one for me  — ACMS or BCMS?


A: The appropriate program is dependent on your academic background. The BCMS Program is designed for students who need to complete the premedical requirements. This is a full-time, 12-month course of study while preparing for the MCAT during fall and spring.  Applicants who need to complete the premedical basic core requirements of biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry and physics, all with labs, should select this track.


The ACMS Program is designed for students who have completed all the premedical requirements and wish to enhance their credentials.  This is a full-time, 10-month graduate level course of study while preparing for the MCAT during the fall and spring.


The best resource for advisement about our Program would be the premed advisor at your undergraduate institution. If there is no advisor at your undergraduate institution, we suggest utilizing one of the following online resources: NAAHP.org (National Organization of Pre-Medical Advisors) or aspiringdocs.org (AAMC site for aspiring pre-medical students). 


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Q: When does your application cycle open/close?


A: The BCMS Program opens mid-October annually and closes early-March. The ACMS Program opens mid-October annually and closes early June.


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Q: I am not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Can I still apply?


A: If you are not a U.S. citizen, we will consider your application if you have permanent resident or refugee/asylee status.  You will need to provide official documentation to the Office of Admissions with your supplemental application.


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Q: What is the SGPA calculator?


A: The SGPA calculator refers to Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math (BCPM) courses. It is how we arrive at your cumulative SGPA. We will verify the list you submit alongside your official transcript.


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Q: I submitted an application a few weeks ago/a month ago, what is my status?


A: You may check the status of your application on the application website: https://tmo.temple.edu/postbac. Also, check the “view materials” link for materials received. Once your application, application fee, and other required materials have been received, your application will be under review for consideration. You will be notified by email if you are invited for interview. Once we have completed our holistic review, those not selected will be notified by mail.


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Q: When are interviews held?


A: The BCMS Program holds interviews in January, February and March. Classes start mid-May. The ACMS Program interviews May, June and July. Classes start at the end of August.


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Q: When/how will I be notified if my application is selected for interview?


A: Once your application is submitted and your supplemental materials have all been received, your file will be ready for review by the Admissions Committee. It is a longer review process because you are not only being considered for our Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program but also for admission to Temple University School of Medicine. We will notify you by email if you are selected for an interview.


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Q: What is the lowest MCAT/SAT or GPA you will consider?


A: We do not have any minimum numbers. The 2012 entering class profile is as follows:

  • Average science GPA: BCMS: 3.49 / ACMS: 3.36
  • Overall GPA: BCMS: 3.55 / ACMS: 3.49
  • Average MCAT of those who took it : ACMS: 30.2

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Q: I didn’t take the MCAT. Can I still apply?


A: Yes, the MCAT score is not a requirement of either the BCMS or the ACMS program. Some ACMS applicants have taken the test prior to submitting an application to our Program. In this case, we ask to see how you tested. You may not have to retest during the Postbaccalaureate year if you achieved a 30, with no section less than an 8.


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Q: I didn’t take the SAT or ACT. Can I still apply?


A: Yes, on occasion the undergraduate school where you attended did not require a standardized test for matriculation. Therefore, we will evaluate your application with your other supplemental materials.


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Q: I took the SAT/ACT a long time ago. I don’t think I can access my score.


A: Everyone must verify this score by either providing a high school transcript, getting it from www.collegeboard.org or www.actstudent.org, or if you took the test over three years ago, you may need to access their archive database which may take an extra week to receive.


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Q: What letters of recommendation are required?


A: BCMS applicants are asked to submit three (3) supportive letters of recommendation. Recent college graduates should submit two (2) from their undergraduate institution and one (1) other letter from an employment or volunteer experience.  If you have been away from class longer than 3 years, one (1) letter from your undergraduate institution and two (2) other letters from an employment or volunteer experience.


ACMS applicants are asked to submit letters of recommendation from an undergraduate pre-health committee, a packet from a school letter compilation service, or three (3) individual letters. If submitting a compilation packet or individual letters, two (2) letters must be from professors with whom you completed course work from the AMCAS course classification of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. We welcome letters from research experiences, but they will not fulfill our science letter requirement. One (1) additional letter is required from a non-science professor, work experience, or service activity.


If there is a compelling reason why you cannot obtain the two science letters, we will review your application with the letters provided. Please indicate on the application why you are unable to provide the requested letters. We welcome as many letters as you wish to provide for your application.


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Q: How should I submit my letters of recommendation to Temple University School of Medicine?


A: For individual letters, if the letter-writer is a Health Professions Advisor, they can utilize the free services of VirtualEval and submit electronically. If your letter-writer is not a Health Professions Advisor, you may establish an account with Interfolio to allow all letter-writers to access and electronically mail letters on your behalf to every program to which you apply with a copy of the student’s confidentiality waiver form. We do accept letters sent though conventional mail. Committee letters may be sent through VirtualEval or the school can mail them directly to our address.


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Q: I applied to Temple University School of Medicine and the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program. What supplemental information do I send?


A: As an applicant to Temple School of Medicine, we can verify much of your supplemental information through your AMCAS application. Therefore, you will only need to upload your SAT or ACT verification and resume through the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program “Send Us Stuff” link.


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Q: Can I take a tour of TUSM?


A: Applicants are given a tour of the Medical Education and Research Building on interview day. Typically, each spring we have an Open House for prospective students. Check back in February for the date for our 2013 Open House.


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Q: How can I update my application or make corrections?


A: Please send all updates and corrections to your application using our application website link called “Send Us Stuff”. Your uploads will be added to your file.


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