Michele M. Masucci

The mission of the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Research is to provide the best possible support for our faculty, staff and students to pursue funding and resources to conduct their program of research and engage in scholarly and creative activities as an essential component of their academic development at Temple University.

Temple’s 17 schools and colleges, nine campuses, hundreds of degree programs and more than 35,000 students combine to create one of the nation’s most comprehensive and diverse public research and learning environments.  Temple faculty members are leading the university to address the grand challenges of our society through their innovative discoveries, technologies, strategies, and works. Our office is proud to support the research efforts of the faculty through providing a supportive administrative platform to ensure that the conduct of research is managed with integrity, efficiency, and quality so that faculty can focus on what matters most – for their work to make meaningful contributions towards the goals of creating knowledge, providing societal benefits, and provide the educational experiences our students need to thrive in their future endeavors.

Our office is poised to assist faculty in their efforts to develop and manage their sponsored research projects and their obligations to conduct research in a responsible manner. This website provides access to the administrative structure connected with the Research Enterprise of the university, including the many resources available to support the faculty to implement their program of research as well as to fulfill their responsibilities with respect to the implementation of research. This website also provides an overview of the internal and external sources of support for research, training opportunities to learn the basics for competing for funding, and the compliance requirements that faculty have to adhere to our guidelines for responsibly conducting research. .

Michele M. Masucci
Interim Senior Vice Provost for Research

1801 North Broad Street,
401 Conwell Hall,
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Voice: (215) 204-6875
Fax: (215) 204-4609