Frequently Asked Questions

What is my accessnet username and password?

An AccessNet account allows you to use Temple University's web and computing resources like TU Mail, TU Portal, TU Blackboard and provides a secure login to the application.

Temple faculty, staff and students

All current faculty, students, post-docs, staff and administrative personnel should have an AccessNet ID. In 'many' cases, it is the first part of your email address such as where the AccessNet ID is yourname. Please note that many accounts have an alias attached to it which genrally is like ''. This is NOT your accessnetid. Here is an example: Name of the personnel: John Doe

Accessnet username: jdoe
Alternate E-mail Address:

The best way to determine your accessnet id is to look for your information on Cherry & White Pages at

TUHS employees and others

Many employees of TUHS and other members of the health system have an AccessNet ID and may not be aware of it. If they do, it will probably not match their email address as it does for Temple employees.

Getting an AccessNet ID is as simple as 1-2 :

  • Check to see if you have an AccessNet ID in the Cherry & White Pages To check your AccessNetID go to the Cherry & White Pages at Type in your last name. If you find yourself in the resulting list, click on the "Full Listing" button then scroll down to look for your AccessNet Username. This is your AccessNet ID.

    If you don't find yourself, it might be necessary to use the advanced search by going to:

    If you don't know your password, call (215) 204-8000 (1-8000 if calling from a Temple Phone) for help in resetting your password.
  • If you are not in the Cherry & White Pages but are a Temple employee or have an appointment Go to the Temple AccessNet Account Activation website at Scroll to the bottom to "Employees can activate an account upon start of employment by clicking here" and click on the link. You will be prompted for your Social Security or student ID number, your date of birth and a suggested AccessNet Username.

Why can't I login?

An AccessNet account is required to login to the eRA portal.

We have the following error messages that will be displayed if there are errors when you try to login to eRA:

Error 102


If you see the above error message, then please double check your Accessnet Username and TUsecure Password. If you have difficulties or have forgotten your password then please go here:

Error 201


If you see the above error message, then please contact us at and provide your TUID and Accessnet Username to us. Please DO NOT provide us any passwords.

Which mechanisms are supported by eRA@TU?

eRA@TU currently supports all Federal funding mechanisms supported by Grants.Gov. Please note that at this time NSF is not currently supported by Grants.Gov. This is an NSF decision that will be changing in the coming months

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