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About Us

As the Division of Student Affairs provides a holistic approach to engaging and empowering our Temple students, likewise, our divisional colleagues have many opportunities to serve the Temple Community at large.

Take a look at how we might help you:

  • We keep families informed and confident that their students are in good hands.
  • We welcome our alumni to visit and enjoy our growth, not to mention share how their Temple educations formed their unique places in the world.
  • We like to work with faculty and hope they take advantage of our diversity when they draw up syllabi, notice a student in need, or want to encourage career plans.
  • We serve our campus colleagues in all departments and look forward to collaborating on our students’ holistic development.
  • We value the local community and hope to serve the citizens we surround with respect, opportunity, and lots of cool things to do.

Learn more about our annual, division-wide training program called Summer Summit scheduled from June 2 - June 4, 2014.