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Support Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is excited to invite students, family members, alumni, staff, and other members of the community to participate in the numerous ways you can support our students and their education at Temple University by supporting the University's fundraising efforts.

In partnership with the Office of Institutional Advancement, Student Affairs works strategically with its partners to ensure that a Temple education is both affordable and accessible for generations to come. To that end, we will continue to advocate for supporting students through opportunities like the Student Emergency Aid Fund.

What is the Student Emergency Aid Fund?
The Student Emergency Aid Fund was created to help students with financial assistance in a serious time of need. This fund is intended to be a supplemental financial resource when students are unable to meet immediate and essential expenses because of a temporary hardship.

Examples of qualifying needs include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical bills not covered by insurance
  • Loss from theft or fire
  • Loss of income or housing
  • Recovery from illness or accident

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