Staff Profiles

Maureen Gordon

What do you do in the Education Abroad office?

I manage our Rome and Tokyo semester programs. I also do general advising for study abroad.

Where are you from?

Philadelphia, PA

Where did you go to school and what did you study?

My undergraduate degree is in Art, though I concentrated in photography, and I am currently enrolled in a Master's program for Education Administration. I studied abroad for a summer in Japan.

What countries have you visited?

Peru, Italy, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, China, Thailand, and Japan.

What is your most memorable abroad experience?

When I was studying in Japan, the World Cup was being hosted in Tokyo. The Japanese team won an important match on a night when my friends and I were out in Shibuya, one of the major shopping areas in Tokyo. Every person in the street was wearing the Japanese jersey. It was a sea of blue! The celebration was amazing. Instead of mass chaos, everyone would wait for a green light to run out into the streets and cheer. Once the light turned red, everyone would run back to the sidewalk. It was entertaining, but something you would never see in the U.S.!

What are your personal interests?

Photography, spending time with my friends and family, and of course, food.

What is your favorite part of working in Education Abroad?

I like that every day is a little bit different; my job is never boring! I love working with students and seeing their excitement before going abroad, and their transformation when they return. I'm also lucky enough to work with really great people.