Name: Andrew
Majors: Marketing, International Business
Minors: French
Program: Centre D’Etudes Franco Americain de Management (CEFAM)
Where: Lyon, France
When: Fall 2006
Favorite Course: Finance
Best Excursion: Barcelona, Spain
Favorite Dish: Goulash (Prague, Czech Republic)
Least Favorite Dish: Foie Gras
Next Destination: Hopefully Africa, East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, China), or Australia





Describe your living situation.

I was in a long-term residency, which was basically a hotel for long term stays. It was very nice and close to the school, so it worked out well. Some days I wished I had been with a host family or in a building with more students, but it’s all a matter of personal preference.

Describe your best travel experience.

I went to some awesome cities and saw a lot of postcard type locations, which is important but it’s also the stuff you are expecting to see. The most memorable experiences I have are the ones that we never planned on having - hiking in the Alps for a weekend, dining in a back street Italian restaurant in Rome, sleeping in a train station in the middle of France for a night after catching a train in the wrong direction. All of these things helped build my character, and by the end I felt like I was ready for any roadblock. Meeting locals was an amazing part of the trip. In each city, interacting with everyday people of the culture gave for a much better look into where I was, rather than just running from attraction to attraction.

What is one piece of advice you would pass on to a student who is about to study abroad?

Save up as much money as you can. There are definitely ways to travel budget-minded, and that’s important, but on the same note you don’t want to limit your experience in any way. I started saving money about a year and a half in advance. Also, invest in a digital camera. I carried mine everywhere and ended up with over 4,000 pictures in less than 4 months. There is just too much good stuff to remember without one.