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Photo & Writing Contests


2013-2014 Writing Contest Winners

1st Place

by David Zoolalian

2nd Place

by Veronica Hopkins

3rd Place

by Sofiya A. Ballin





Deadline: October 25, 2013

Share your travel-inspired writing by entering our annual Undergraduate Travel Writing Contest! There are two categories from which to choose: 1) Travel Essay and 2) Short Fiction. The theme for both categories is International Insights. Any undergraduate can submit a short story or essay-- your entry should be inspired by an international experience that has helped you gain some insight about another country or culture, about your own country or culture, or about international travel in general. Ideal submissions will expose something specific and resonant about the country you visited, placing it within the context of your experience as a student abroad.

Writing Contest Information Form (PDF)



Deadline: October 25, 2013

Share your travel experiences by entering our annual International Photo Contest! Temple students may submit photos of their travel and/or study abroad experiences from outside of the United States.

There are two categories for the contest: Owls Abroad and Artistic Vision. We are looking for unique images that capture the moment and tell a story. Impress us with photos of you or your friends abroad, where you lived, or what you saw or experienced. Artistic Vision photos will be judged by a faculty/staff panel; winners will be exhibited at the Global Temple Conference. Entries to the Owls Abroad category will be on display for student judging in our office and online.


Owls Abroad

Put yourself in the picture! Show us your best shots of you or your peers abroad, a photo that will make others want to study abroad; a shot that makes a statement about your experience or shows you interacting with the host culture.


Artistic Vision

This category is designed for photos of amazing places, landscapes, landmarks, people, and culture. Share with us your international adventure!


Photo Contest Information Form (PDF)