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Academic Excursions

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Temple Rome Gallery of Art

The extensive program of cultural activities at Temple Rome is designed to enhance the academic program and enrich your social and cultural life while in Rome.

Academic Excursions

Would you like to get a firsthand look at more than 800 years of ancient history in three days? If you take Art History 2135, you will do just that. You will visit the Archaeological Museum in Naples to view antique sculpture and painting; explore the well-preserved ruins of Pompeii, the Roman town buried in 79 CE by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius; and visit Paestum, the site of 7th century BCE Greek temples. This is just one example—faculty-led excursions are an integral component of many courses and have included:

  • half-day excursions to museums, historic sites and religious institutions in and around Rome
  • day trips to the hill towns of Viterbo, Caprarola, and Tuscania
  • three-day excursions to such cities as Florence, Milan, Naples, and Brussels

Please note that courses with excursions carry a fee to cover travel and accommodation costs, and students on all excursions are individually responsible for paying entrance fees.


Lecture Series


Temple Rome sponsors organized discussions on contemporary issues in Italy and a film series. The lecture series invites political figures, writers, musicians, journalists, and visiting professors to discuss a wide range of contemporary issues as seen from Italian perspectives. The film series presents historic and contemporary Italian films and explores ancient Rome and Italy as depicted by Hollywood.




Professor Frank Dabell engages his art history students on a weekly excursion.

Temple Rome also arranges optional programs each semester that further introduce you to Rome and Italian culture. These may include:


  • the Aurelian “Wall Walk” around the city for a unique look at Rome’s past and present
  • a tour of the University of Rome
  • an evening at the theater
  • round table meetings and a jam session with young Italians
  • a soccer match at Olympic stadium
  • an introduction to Italian food and wine tasting


Become involved in the local community by volunteering in Rome. Temple Rome has established relationships with a soup kitchen, a high school, and a refugee center in downtown Rome. Once there, you may sign up to volunteer according to your availability.


Temple Rome Gallery of Art

Events at the Temple Rome Gallery of Art are frequented by the Italian public and have been so successful that Temple Rome has become part of the Roman art scene.