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Temple Rome Faculty

Visiting Faculty from Temple University Main Campus


Vasiliki Limberis | Religion
Vasiliki Limberis is Professor of Ancient Christianity at Temple University. Her numerous publications and her classes reflect her fascination with the interplay of religious cultures in the ancient Mediterranean -- pagan, Christian, Jewish -- in the first five centuries of the common era. Her research has invariably landed on the two most volatile centuries, the first and the fourth, when the power of the Roman state brings the most to bear on the varieties of religions in the Mediterranean. Professor Limberis' book, Architects of Piety: The Cappadocian Fathers and the Cult of the Martyrs has been published by Oxford University Press, 2011. Among its contributions, the study is a fresh examination of the role of the cult of the martyrs for the Cappadocians and their families.


Susan Moore | Painting | Drawing

(MFA, University of California) Susan Moore is a figurative painter, who is represented by the Locks Gallery in Philadelphia, where she is a Professor at the Tyler School of Art. Her work is included in the collections of the Philadelphia Art Museum, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum and the National Portrait Gallery.

Rickie Sanders | Geography/Urban Studies
Rickie Sanders is Professor of Geography/Urban Studies and former Director of Women's Studies at Temple University. During her tenure at Temple University she has served as both Graduate Chair and Chair of her Department. She has published in numerous publications including Women’s Studies Quarterly, Journal of Geography, Professional Geographer, Gender Place and Culture, Journal of Geography in Higher Education, Antipode, Urban Geography, and a Legislative Atlas for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In addition to her publications, she has served on numerous committees for the Association of American Geographers (AAG), National Council of Geographic Educators, and the American Geographical Society. She was recently honored by being awarded the AAG Enhancing Diversity Award. Her current research focusses on images of the city, urban geography, and under-represented groups.


Samantha Simpson | Visual Studies
Samantha Simpson is Associate Professor at the Tyler School of Art whose work has been shown nationally and internationally. Her recent work has been shown in solo and two person exhibitions at Gallery Joe, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Tufts University, the Lawndale Art Center in Houston, Slugfest Printmaking Workshop in Austin Texas, and Gallerie Michael Rasche in Fribourg Germany. She was recently awarded a grant from the Leeway Foundation and has attended residencies at the Millay Colony for the Arts and the Headlands Center for the Arts. She received her MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1993.


Robert Weisberg | Psychology

Dr. Weisberg is a cognitive psychologist. His area of interest is creative thinking, the cognitive processes involved in the intentional production of novelty: solutions to problems, works of art, scientific discoveries, and inventions. He has published numerous papers and books investigating cognitive mechanisms underlying problem solving and creative thinking. Dr. Weisberg and his students have carried out laboratory studies of undergraduates solving problems, in order to gain understanding of the mechanisms underlying leaps of insight and Aha! experiences in problem solving. He and his students have also examined “real-world” creative thinking at the highest levels, through case studies of people such as Edison, Picasso, Frank Lloyd Wright, and jazz great Charlie Parker. In those studies, attempts are made to apply scientific methods to historical “data,” in order to derive conclusions concerning how the creative process functions at the highest levels.


Giovanna Agostini | Italian Language

BFA, Ohio University; Postgraduate Diploma, University of London
Giovanna Agostini has taught Italian language for 25 years. She has also created and conducted radio programs and provided simultaneous translations for RAI USA, the Italian National Television Network. Her studies in psychology and pedagogy, as well as her training in communicative teaching techniques, in New York City, influence her educational work.

Registilla Aloisi Masella | Italian Language

Laurea, University of Rome “La Sapienza;” Postgraduate Diploma, Interpreting and Translating French and English

Registilla Aloisi Masella’s work focuses on language teaching, specializing in oral proficiency. She received her diploma as a French and English interpreter and translator and was certified as an Italian teacher by International House and the University in Venice “Ca' Foscari.” She is a co-founder and past president of “Italiano per te.”


Federigo Argentieri | History/Political Science

PhD, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest

Dr. Argentieri teaches Italian history and European politics. He has published widely on Hungary and other members of the former Soviet bloc, Italian political culture, and European security after the Cold War, and is a member of Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies.


Benedetta Bessi | Classics

PhD, University of Messina; Postdoctoral research at the Program in Hellenic Studies, Princeton University

Dr. Bessi has conducted fieldwork in Italy, Greece, Syria and Libya, and her research focuses on the cultural history of Greece, Rome and its provinces. She has taught a wide range of courses in Classical Studies at various American institutions in Rome since 2002.


Mario Teleri Biason | Drawing and Printmaking

Perito Tecnico Commerciale, Istituto Superiore Pier Fortunato Calvi, Padua
Mario Teleri is one of Italy’s foremost experts in antique and contemporary printmaking. An engraving scholarship granted him a year’s study in Belgrade, and he won the Gold Medal Vito Agresti-Roma Prize for graphics. In addition to his own exhibitions, he consults for the Italian National Institute for Graphics and other institutes.


Margaret A. Brucia | Classics

PhD, Fordham University
Dr. Brucia is a specialist in Augustan literature. She is a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome (1992), the recipient of an NEH award (1993) and is a consultant for the College Board. She has taught Mythology, Latin Literature, and Ovid at Temple Rome since 2005.


Paolo Carloni | Art History

Laurea, University of Rome “La Sapienza;” Graduate specialization in Aesthetics, University of Urbino

Paolo Carloni specializes in Cinquecento and contemporary art and is also a poet, photographer and videomaker. He has taught art history and High Renaissance art since 1981. Thanks to his extended and frequent stays in Norway and Northern Africa, he speaks Norwegian, French, English and Italian.

Roberto Caracciolo | Drawing

Diploma, Istituto d'Arte of Urbino and advanced study at the New York Studio School

Roberto Caracciolo teaches studio art courses at Temple University Rome and the New University in Florence. Caracciolo has exhibited his paintings extensively in New York, including the Loretta Howard Gallery, and throughout Europe.

Paolo Chirichigno | Italian Language

Laurea, University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Paolo Chirichigno is a co-founder of “Italiano per te,” an association for the promotion of Italian culture and language.

Lucy Clink | Photography/Drawing

MFA, Tyler School of Art
Lucy Clink’s studio practice includes painting, drawing and photography. She has participated in numerous group and one-person shows of her work in the U.S. and Italy. Her teaching includes a variety of studio classes with a concentration in drawing and photography.


Daniela Curioso | Italian Language

Laurea, University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Daniela Curioso is the co-founder of “Italiaidea,” an Italian language and culture center in Rome, where she was responsible for the development of programs for American study-abroad campuses.

Frank Dabell | Art History

BA Honours, Merton College, Oxford University

Frank Dabell, a British art historian, specializes in Renaissance art and was a Fellow of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. He has published extensively since the mid-1980s and is completing his book on Piero della Francesca. He has taught at Temple Rome since 2003.


Lucy Delogu | Italian Language

PhD, Rutgers University

Dr. Delogu has taught Italian language, literature and culture courses in the United States and Italy since 1995. Her research includes gender studies, Italian women writers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, especially Anna Banti, and Italian films and songs. Her language teaching merges Humanistic and Cognitive theories with Communicative principles.


Jan Gadeyne | Art History/History/Classics

PhD, Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven Louvain, Belgium

Dr. Gadeyne has taught Ancient Roman Art and Architecture; Romans and their Literature; Late Antique and Early Byzantine Art and Architecture; and the Ancient History of Rome at Temple Rome since 1988. He is the co-director of the excavation of the Roman villa on the Piano della Civita in Artena, on which he has lectured and published widely.


Peter Gardner | Film

PhD, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Dr. Gardner’s research concentrates on representations of the working class in nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century British and American narratives, particularly in popular culture and early cinema. He has taught at Italian and American educational institutions in Rome since 1988.


Anita Guerra | Drawing and Painting

MFA, Tyler School of Art

Anita Guerra is represented in the Museo di Arte Sacro in Celano, the Caproni Museum in Trento, and at the French Cultural Center in Rome, Italy. Her modular paintings have been exhibited in the United States and Italy and are part of numerous private collections.


Robert Huber | Art History

MA, Temple University

Robert Huber received a Temple University Rome fellowship scholarship and began teaching courses in the art of Rome and the Italian Renaissance at Temple Rome. He is also an expert on Italian gastronomy and is currently a doctoral candidate at the Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven Louvain, Belgium.

Laurie Kalb Cosmo | Art History

PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Kalb-Cosmo has been a museum curator in Los Angeles, Santa Fe and Boston as well as a research associate at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University.  Her primary interests are museum history, cultural preservation and vernacular art.

Katherine Krizek | Drawing/Art History

BFA, Parsons School of Design; B. Architecture, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science

Katherine Krizek’s designs have won awards including selection for the Compasso d’Oro in Italy and Best of Furniture from ID magazine. She is represented in the Smithsonian Museum’s permanent collection of design. She has taught courses and given lectures on Italian design and drawing in Milan and Rome since 1993.

Aroop Mahanty | International Business

PhD, Colorado State; Post-doctoral studies, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

Dr. Mahanty is an American economist and consultant who has worked in the United States and many other countries. His specialties lie in international economics, business and finance.


Roberto Mannino | Sculpture/Fiber Art

BFA, Rhode Island School of Design; Sculpture Diploma, Rome Academy of Fine Arts

Roberto Mannino is a widely exhibited sculptor whose large-scale works and installations are in handcast paper and mixed media. He is a dual citizen of Italy and the U.S. and has taught drawing, sculpture, figure modeling, and printmaking studio at the Rome campuses of Temple, Cornell and Loyola since 1993. His research focuses on contemporary papermaking.

Carmela Merola | Italian Language and Literature

PhD, Rutgers University

Dr. Merola was born in Italy, grew up in the United States and spent her junior year in Grenoble and at the Sorbonne. For more than thirty years, she has taught Italian literature, in Italian and in English translation, ranging from poetry before Dante to the theater of Pirandello and the novels of Italo Calvino at Temple Rome.  

Liana Miuccio | Photography

MA, Roma Tre University

Liana Miuccio is a professional photographer born in Rome and raised in New York. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities from McGill University in Montreal, Canada studied photography at the International Center of Photography in New York and has a Master degree in Cinema from Roma Tre University..   

Barbara Parisi | Italian Language

Laurea, University of Rome “La Sapienza;” Graduate Diploma in Methodology and Teaching Practices

Barbara Parisi has taught and lectured on Italian language, Italian studies, contemporary Italian literature and culture, and Italian cinema at Temple Rome, and at other American universities in Rome since 1999.  She is the co-author of the Italian language textbook, “it,” and has composed music for films and recordings.


Aldo Patania | International Business

PhD, University of Catania

Dr. Patania has taught at Temple Rome since 1996, as well as in the U.S., Italy and the United Arab Emirates. He formerly was a Fulbright scholar and senior economic specialist at the U.S. Embassy in Rome, and is now a Fellow of the International Entrepreneurship Academy and on the Editorial Board of EffElle Editori.


Maria Ponce de Leon | Italian Language

PhD, Northwestern University
Dr. Ponce de Leon has been teaching Italian language, literature and culture in Rome since 1992 and has recently extended her teaching activity to the University of Monastir in Tunisia. She is an active volunteer for VIC Caritas in the Roman prison of Rebibbia.

Greg Smith | Anthropology/Sociology

D.Phil., Oxford University

Dr. Smith has taught at Temple Rome since 1996. His research includes public space in the periphery and gender studies in rural Italy and Rome. He is on the steering committee for the Biennial of Public Space, organized by the Italian National Planning Institute and has collaborated actively with The International House of Women and Archivia.

Anna Kiyomi Tuck-Scala | Art History

PhD, Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Tuck-Scala, an American art historian, has taught courses and given lectures in Italy on Ancient, Renaissance and Baroque art since 1995. Her primary research interest is seventeenth-century Naples, on which she has published widely.


Carolina Vaccaro | Architecture 

PhD in Architecture, University of Palermo, Naples and Florence

In addition to teaching, Dr. Vaccaro maintains her private architectural practice in Rome and has won number of prizes in design competitions. She has taught at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and Roma Tre, and is the author of books and essays on modern and contemporary architecture.

Shara Wasserman | Art History/Director of Exhibitions

MA, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University

Shara Wasserman specializes in contemporary art and has worked at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Her teaching and interests include contemporary Roman and international art and architecture. Her exhibition program includes Italian and international artists in public spaces in Rome and in the U.S.