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Study abroad participants may choose to enroll in the regular academic program any semester at Temple Japan or a specialized Architecture program offered during the spring semester only.

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General Academic Program


The following recommended academic program serves as a foundation for your experience in Japan.

Fall and spring semester students enroll in 12-17 credits. The recommended academic program for all majors, except students enrolled in the architecture program, includes:

  • One Japanese Studies foundation course. Foundation courses vary from semester to semester. Some of the popular foundation courses that have been offered include:

Asian Studies 2373: Japanese Culture
Cross-listing: Anthropology 2373

Asian Studies 2502: Introduction to East Asia: Japan
Cross-listing: History 2502

Asian Studies 2815: Japanese Art
Cross-listing: Art History 2815

Asian Studies 3541: Japan Today
Cross-listing: History 3541


  • One Japanese language course. Program participants are expected to begin or continue language study while in Japan. Students who have had no prior Japanese language should plan to enroll in Japanese 1001: Japanese Elements I. Students who have already studied Japanese may choose to continue Japanese at TUJ at the intermediate or advanced level, and/or begin the study of Chinese or Korean. A Japanese placement test is given upon arrival to confirm students' language levels.
  • One course that has a Japanese or Asian focus (in addition to the Japanese Studies foundation course)


  • One to two courses from a broad range of offerings across several disciplines. When possible, we recommend enrolling in upper-level courses (numbered 2000 or above).


Students who have already taken the equivalent of one or more of the Japanese studies foundation courses or who have specific academic requirements from their home institutions that would make the completion of the recommended program difficult should consult with Education Abroad.

Temple University students who successfully complete the TUJ semester study abroad program automatically satisfy the World Society requirement of GenEd.


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Specialized Spring Semester Architecture Program


Japan possesses one of the most exciting architectural landscapes in the world, encompassing exquisite wooden temples, minuscule micro-houses and futuristic skyscrapers on seismic fault lines. Yet Japan is also facing unprecedented architectural challenges such as the rebuilding of Tohoku, rapidly changing demographics, global economic uncertainty and everincreasing issues related to the environment and sustainability. What Japan does next in terms of the built environment and urban planning will be watched by architects worldwide.

TUJ offers an architecture program as part of the spring semester study abroad program. The undergraduate program is designed for students majoring in architecture, architectural studies, facilities management, landscape architecture, and urban design/studies. Graduate students are welcome; interested graduate students should consult with Education Abroad.


Key Features

  • Designed to open up the world of Japanese architecture – its history, traditions and influences as well as its highly unique contemporary forms, challenges, practices and innovations – to students.
  • As a participant, you will gain an understanding of the history and sources of Japanese architecture and urbanism and become conversant in contemporary thought and practice in Japanese architecture and urban planning.

Students enroll for 12–17 credits total. In addition to the two architecture courses, Architecture 3233 | Architecture Design Studio in Tokyo and Architecture 3242 | Urban Seminar in Japan, you may choose from a broad range of TUJ’s other course offerings in various disciplines; Japanese and Asian studies are recommended.  

To be considered for the program, undergraduate applicants must have completed a minimum of 20 semester hours, or the equivalent, of studio courses. Graduate students are welcome; interested graduate students should consult with Education Abroad. A portfolio is required for admission; please see Application Procedures for specifics. The program is offered as an option in Temple’s four-year BS in architecture degree with study permitted in the third year, and five-year BArch degree, with study permitted in the fourth year.  Non-Temple architecture majors are welcome, following the regular admissions process.

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