Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS)

The ICAS coordinates TUJ’s intellectual and cultural research and outreach programs. The ICAS serves as a crossroads and forum for intellectual and cultural exchange by hosting programs that bring together individuals working in diverse areas of academia, business and government. The ICAS hosts discussions, seminars and film screenings, as well as larger conference events throughout the year.

The ICAS also produces special multimedia events and programs related to popular culture through its Wakai Project, a transglobal network of students, scholars, social activists and cultural innovators who seek to understand globalization and its impact on youth culture. The distinctive feature of Wakai is that it provides a forum for students to interact with cultural innovators and have serious discussion about social issues. The network of universities and educational institutions involved with Wakai provides academic ground to popular culture experiences and allows students to integrate their academic and social worlds.

In recent years the ICAS has organized a series of academic symposia on the transglobal flows of Japanese popular culture, with leading scholars, including the following:

Japanese Manga and American Comics — The Pop Culture Mind-meld
Frederik L. Schodt

Boom or Bust: Korea in Japanese Pop Culture and Politics
Dr. David Satterwhite, Gavan McCormack and Yasuyo Sakata

Globalizing Otaku

Roland Kelts and Patrick Galbraith

Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan

Jake Adelstein

How Soft Power Became Universal: Japan, Values, and Doubts about Democratic Doubts

David Leheny

Youth and Imaginative Labor, Digital Youth, and Youth Work in Contemporary Japan Academic Symposia

The Meaning of Yasukuni Academic Symposium

Gerald Curtis, John Nelson, Phil Deans, Kazuhiko Togo and Brian Masshardt



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