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Temple University, Japan Campus, offers paid and unpaid internships with Japanese and multinational organizations, embassies and NGOs in the Tokyo area. An internship provides excellent preparation for the particular field and for future employment, as well as the opportunity to experience a different dimension of Japanese life and make important professional contacts for future networking.

A student continues regular coursework while participating in an internship and receives university course credit for the internship, which varies depending on the requirements of the organization, the availability of the student and the restrictions of the course. Generally, for a three credit internship, the student works 140 hours, and organizations prefer to have interns from 10 to 20 hours per week. In some cases, bilingual capabilities in Japanese and English are required with, at minimum, a business level of Japanese.

A faculty advisor oversees the internship, sets the evaluation requirements, and meets with the student regularly throughout the semester. Students submit a report on the internship.

All students are provided detailed information available internships after being accepted to the study abroad program. Interested students then apply for an internship prior to departure for Tokyo.

Students can also apply for non-credit bearing internships with the assistance of Career Services after arrival in Japan.


TUJ Internship Program Participants

More than 70 organizations and institutions are currently participating in the TUJ internship program. For a list of organizations that have accepted TUJ interns in recent years, visit TUJ's website.