Name: Anneliese
Major: Scultpture
Program: Temple University Rome
Where: Rome, Italy
When: Fall 2007

Favorite Course: Architecture of Rome (Power and Politics from Caesar to Mussolini)

Highlight: On-site class days

Favorite Dish: Walnut and Fig and Dark Green salad


What was a typical day like for you while abroad?

Typically, I would wake up around 8:00 in the morning and go down to the Trionfale market to get the most delectable produce, fresh everyday. Then I would walk down to school and go to class, often on site on the other side of the city. Around 1:00 we all piled into the ‘deli’ to get our panini, eat them outside, finish class, and then walk home (usually hopping the trolley) and make up some dinner. Then we'd go walk around, usually to Trestevere, doing the odds and ends that had to be done for school.

What will you remember most from your study abroad experience and why?

I will remember most the isolation that I felt everyday, no matter how accepting and willing to work with the barriers the people around me were. This isn’t supposed to sound as negative as it might in a short answer. Sounds become both more muffled and cerebral, because you listen more and understand less. It makes certain brain chemistries swirl differently. Then there is the flow of people, which move in such masses that only amplifies the sensation of being out to sea. It all seems to fly through these tunnels of color and mazes.  

Describe your best travel experience.

Really, every travel experience was magical when we got to fly for a couple reasons. When you travel from country to country in Europe you’re inundated with this din of sensations from the languages to the smells, and yet there is always this piece of the familiar that you take with you, whether it be the way pavement looks on a cloudy day to the song and dance of the flight attendants, no matter what language. Now, to highlight two trips, they would have to be Venice and Berlin- both were crested by these really arduous adventures to the airports, waiting, freezing, but then when we got into the plane and we were warm, the sky would almost unfailingly map out what the trip would feel like. On our way to Venice we flew at sunrise and it was an operetta of color and light and space. The flight over the Alps to Berlin, however, was steely and white and silent.