Name: Kristen

Major/Minor: Criminal Justice/History

Program: Temple – University of East Anglia Exchange Program

Where: Norwich, England

When: Fall 2005

Favorite Course: Medicine & Society Before the 17th C.

Best Excursion: Spending weekends in London!

Favorite Dish: Full English breakfast

Next Destination: (hopefully) back to England for Graduate school!


Describe your living situation.

I had the pleasure of living in a flat (similar to the dorms in America, but not quite) which consisted of twelve single, en-suite bedrooms and a shared kitchen. I lived with eight boys and three girls, and I was the only American! Apart from myself, there were seven English boys, two French girls, one Australian girl, and one Cypriot boy. It was wonderful, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything in the world! Living with people from different countries really gives you a chance to bond and learn about different cultures and vice-versa.


 How has this experience changed you?

Where do I even begin? This experience has changed me in ways I never thought possible. It opened my mind to the world and showed me how to be the best person I can be. Before studying abroad, I felt as though I had a very narrow-minded view of the world beyond America, and this really changed that. I feel as though I have really grown as a person and become more independent than I ever thought possible. I’ve made friends with people from all over the globe and have completely fallen in love with England – I think of it now as a second home.

How do you see this experience affecting your future?

While living in England, I came to the realization that spending only three months there wasn’t nearly long enough and that I needed to find a way to get back there as soon as possible. As a result, I have decided to apply to six universities throughout England to study for an MA in International Criminology, upon completing my undergraduate degree at Temple. Before going to England, I had never really considered this, so I guess you could say it affected my future in a big way! I also plan on eventually obtaining dual citizenship and possibly moving to the UK permanently because I loved it that much! Three months can really change your life!