Fulbright Scholarship Information Guide



If you are a full-time enrolled Temple student, you MUST apply through the Education Abroad office and meet the campus deadline. Information and advising are available at the Education Abroad office for Temple applicants. If you are not enrolled as a Temple University student, you must apply as an at-large candidate directly to the Institute of International Education (IIE). At-large applicants should contact IIE at (212) 984-5330 for more information and an application.



The application, which must be completed on line, consists of the following:

  • Statement of grant purpose-- two pages (only one page for ETA applicants)
  • Personal Statement (one page narrative intellectual history of yourself)
  • Three academic references
  • Foreign Language Proficiency Evaluation (where necessary)
  • Slides, tapes and/or videotapes (for creative and performing arts applicants only)
  • Official transcripts from every postsecondary educational institution you have attended.
  • Letter(s) of support from faculty, researchers or universities overseas indicating that they have reviewed your proposal and can in some way be of assistance to you while you are abroad. These letters vary, depending on the proposal, but might, for example, be a letter of preliminary acceptance from a university where you would like to study, a letter from a library granting you access to archives, or a letter from a scholar with whom you wish to study.

Detailed instructions are available at:



The following is a list of preliminary steps to take if you are interested in applying:

  • Schedule an appointment with Denise Connerty, Temple’s student Fulbright adviser. This is your opportunity to ask more in-depth questions regarding the Fulbright application process.
  • Take advantage of the resources on the Fulbright program website (us.fulbrightonline.org). Here you can find directories of former winners with their project titles, current and archived Fulbright applicant newsletters, which include questions submitted by applicants and answered by program officers from IIE, and the most current information and program updates for the Fulbright Scholarship Program, Institute of International Education: us.fulbrightonline.org

    UK Fulbright Commission (for updates on U.K. program): www.fulbright.co.uk
    Additional site for Colleges and Universities outside the U.S.:


  • Explore additional sources of funding. Consult your academic advisor, faculty, the Honors Program, financial aid database.
  • Consult your academic advisor and professors about your plans for graduate study. Get them acquainted with your ideas. Education Abroad can also help put you in touch with Temple faculty, staff, and students who have indicated a willingness to advise students with the Fulbright application process. Please do not hesitate to contact them.
  • Familiarize yourself with the educational resources (universities, research institutes, faculty, archives, etc.) available in the country of interest. If your proposal will include studying or conducting research at a particular overseas university or institute, it is your responsibility to gain admission or access to that institution. As such, Fulbright applicants should try to obtain detailed knowledge of programs, courses, or other educational opportunities (particularly faculty members) available at their chosen institution. The Education Abroad Office has quite a bit of helpful information to get you started on this process, including some overseas university catalogs.





  • Research overseas university systems and study opportunities.
  • Consult your academic advisors and professors.
  • Make your decision whether or not to apply.

If you decide to apply,

  • Make an appointment to meet with Denise Connerty, Temple’s student Fulbright adviser.
  • Contact potential recommenders.
  • Establish file at Education Abroad by submitting Fulbright Data Form.
  • Receive or pick-up Fulbright application materials from Education Abroad.
  • Attend an information session in New York at the IIE Office, or participate in an IIE webinar.
  • Solicit information from various overseas universities, organizations, and contacts pertinent to your project proposal.
  • Assemble preliminary application, reviewing and revising materials.
  • Individual advising appointments available at Education Abroad. If available, please submit drafts of essays, activities list, and transcript prior to appointment.
  • Send your recommenders reference forms and draft essays.
  • Submit draft of application materials for Education Abroad comments and critique.
  • Final revisions of essays.

May 1, 2014: 2015-16 Fulbright competition opens

September 12, 2014:  Preliminary application deadline. Essays completed by this date, will receive a preliminary review by Temple faculty and applicants will have the opportunity to receive feedback.

September 24, 2014:
  Final deadline for Temple applicants. The application, including all supporting documents, must be in the Fulbright Embark on-line application system. Applicants must print out a copy of their application and submit to the Education Abroad office by 5:00 p.m.

October 1-8, 2014:  Campus Interviews

October 15, 2014:  Fulbright national deadline (for at-large candidates)

November-December, 2014:  National screening committees meet to review applications

February 2015:  Results of national screenings announced.

Spring/Summer 2015:  Final Results from individual country programs announced.

May 1, 2015:  2016-17 Fulbright competition opens