Fulbright Scholarship Information Guide

The Interview

All Temple applicants are interviewed by a committee of three to five Temple University faculty members from a variety of departments, and the Director of Education Abroad. During the interview, which normally is not longer than 20-30 minutes, the committee will seek to get a sense of your qualificationsand the validity of your proposal. In some cases, the committee may also evaluate your foreign language qualifications by asking you to converse in the language of your chosen country. Committee members will have a copy of your application in advance to review. If you are an arts candidate with supplementary materials, i.e., slides or video, these will be reviewed by the committee during the interview. On the basis of your proposal, supporting documents and interview, the campus Fulbright committee completes the Campus Evaluation form and assigns a campus rating to your application.

Occasionally, committee members will also make specific, but minor, recommendations for strengthening your proposal. If they do, you will have an opportunity to make these changes before your application is submitted to New York.