photo by Kathleen Foley
Photo by Kathleen Foley

Why Study Abroad?

Because it will enable you to...

  • See the world
  • Live in a culture different from your own
  • Become proficient in another language
  • Gain a different perspective on your academic studies
  • Give yourself a competitive edge when entering the job market or applying to graduate or professional school.

When you study abroad, you open yourself up to a world of new perspectives and opportunities. You are much more than a tourist- you take classes, shop in local markets, speak a new language, taste new foods, and visit culturally significant sites you learned about in class. In short, by immersing yourself in a different culture, you experience daily life in a way you could have never imagined before. Your perspective on the world and your own culture is transformed.  Studying abroad may well be the most memorable and rewarding experience of your college career.

Studying abroad also helps to prepare you for today's competitive job market and graduate school. Characteristics that employers look for are often gained through studying abroad: international experience, initiative, cultural sensitivity, flexibility, responsibility, and the ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. In today's interconnected society, the need for cross-cultural understanding is greater than ever. Prepare yourself to be a global citizen. Study abroad

Who, When and For How Long?

Education Abroad is available to answer these and other questions that may arise. Here are some basics to get you started:

  • Who? All regularly enrolled Temple University students in good academic standing are eligible to study abroad; students may not be on warning or on academic or disciplinary probation. Knowledge of a foreign language is not a requirement to study abroad on all programs, although students are encouraged to gain some knowledge of a foreign language in advance.  Look at our student profiles to learn about the experiences of other students who studied abroad.
  •  When? Most students study abroad during their junior year, but study abroad  during the sophomore and senior years may also be an option in some  cases.
  • How long? You may study abroad for a semester , academic year, or summer. Generally, the longer the program, the better. it takes time to settle in and adapt to new surroundings; the longer you are abroad, the more you will benefit from the experience.

What Kinds of Programs Are There?

There are so many programs to chose from, varying in length from a summer session to an academic year. Each program has different requirements as well. Temple students have many options. Begin your exploration on our PROGRAMS page.