Photo by Laura Jones
Photo by Laura Jones

Transfer Credit/Course Approval

Successful completion of an approved external study abroad programs will earn transfer credit. In order to ensure that students appropriately earn credit for their study abroad, they must complete the approval process, including evaluation of the external program courses.

The designated faculty evaluators for each department are identified on the spreadsheet at the left. We ask faculty evaluators to determine the appropriate Temple equivalent for a specific course requested by a student providing the course description. Temple University policy is to accept in transfer all college-level courses from properly accredited institutions (excluding field work, internships, or courses that interfere with school/college accreditation standards). If a course does not have a direct equivalent at Temple, but is a college level course, it may be designated as a lower level or upper level elective.

If a course is to be used by the student to satisfy either a Core or GenEd requirement only, the course may instead be evaluated by the Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies.

To earn a degree from Temple, students must complete at least 30 hours of the last 45 semester hours as a matriculated student at Temple, fulfill all university requirements, and fulfill all of the degree requirements of the Temple school or college in which they are enrolled, as approved by the dean of that school.

For more information see the Undergraduate Bulletin

Please find below the Request for Approval to Study Abroad form and the list of instructions given to Temple students planning to study abroad on an external program. Please do not hesitate to contact International Programs if you have any questions about this approval process.


Request for Approval to Study Abroad on a Non-Temple Program Form (PDF)