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The Office of the Vice President for Research Administration provides the best possible support for Temple’s faculty, staff and students, and fosters economic development, solves our toughest societal problems, opens new fields of discovery across disciplinary boundaries, and creates sustainable technologies and businesses. 

Centers and Institutes

Temple's many research centers and institutes offer exceptional opportunities for faculty and students to engage in multidisciplinary inquiry, scholarship and service. These centers foster new knowledge that transforms the quality of life in Philadelphia and beyond. Learn more about our centers and institutes.

Research divisions

Research is increasingly an interdisciplinary endeavor. At Temple, we encourage interdisciplinary research through committees and exchanges that bring together a broad cross-section of faculty from departments, schools and colleges across the university. Learn more about these divisions.

Faculty and Research News

New projects and discoveries happen every day at Temple, and our researchers are making their marks both locally and globally. Learn more about faculty and research news at Temple.

Grants and Funding

Support for Temple's research projects comes from both public and private sources, including foundations, government agencies, corporations and personal philanthropy. This broad-based support benefits our research initiatives and, ultimately, the educational experience for our students. Learn more about grants and funding.

Clinical Trials

Temple researchers advance medical science every day. Clinical trials taking place at Temple Health test new treatments and help determine the most effective and safest therapy for a variety of diseases and conditions. Learn more about Temple's clinical trials.

Technology Development 

Temple actively works to bring new discoveries to the marketplace through corporate partnerships and new startup companies. Our faculty's research has led to numerous products and therapies that are commercially available and beneficial to society. Learn more about technology development at Temple.


The Temple University Libraries rank among the top university research libraries in North America and hold membership in the prestigious Association of Research Libraries. Together our libraries hold more than four million bound volume equivalents, care for thousands of special collections of rare books and primary archival sources and provide a full range of services for faculty, students and community members. Learn more about Temple University Libraries