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Submission Guidelines for Temple Magazine

Letters to the Editor

To share your opinion with the staff, email templemag@temple.edu.

Story Ideas

Temple magazine welcomes and encourages story ideas from alumni, students, faculty and staff. Because Temple is a quarterly publication, issues are planned months in advance. Consideration for publication is at the discretion of the magazine´s editors and is based on a number of factors, including but not limited to timeliness; the mix of subject matter, schools/colleges and people highlighted in the current issue; coverage in previous issues; and stories planned for future issues. For questions regarding submissions or to speak with an editor regarding a story idea, email templemag@temple.edu.

Campus Voice

The Campus Voice page highlights interesting students, faculty and staff across campuses, schools and colleges: acclaims they have won, interesting hobbies they might have, or compelling stories they have to tell. Some previous examples of Campus Voice subjects include: a medical student who is one of the world´s fastest Rubik´s cube solvers; the curator of Temple Contemporary who tests the boundaries of art; a professor who is a world-renowned trumpet player; and a student who is one of the top women powerlifters in the country. To submit a subject for Campus Voice, please email the person´s full name and why they should be covered to templemag@temple.edu.

Alumni Profiles

Alumni profiles are short, 400 word pieces that highlight our most fascinating alumni. First and foremost, we seek interesting stories. Tell us how their work has changed their field, the region, the nation or the world, how they overcame an obstacle or how they have positively affected others. Standout examples of alumni profiles include: an alumna who explores the perception of race and skin color, an alumnus who revolutionized the sustainable energy movement in the U.S., a recent alumna who started a nonprofit to help veterans find homes and a med-school alumnus who led the third-ever successful double-hand transplant.


In order to present a comprehensive view of the university, each issue of Temple includes four feature stories, each of which touch on a specific theme or themes: research, alumni, community and students/academics. How is Temple addressing a larger societal issue? For example, our winter issue featured stories on alumnus Cecil B. Moore´s leadership in the North Philadelphia civil rights movement, researchers who study the brain to "cure" drug addiction, The Temple News´ legacy of award-winning journalists and three alumni who helped resuscitate Philadelphia´s tech community.

Class Notes

Class Notes encompass all professional and academic news that alumni submit or that are submitted on their behalf. Items such as new jobs, promotions, appointments, graduations, publications and presentations will appear here. (We do not publish photographs.) To submit a class note, email visit alumni.temple.edu or email templemag@temple.edu. Including documentation of your news is encouraged.


All alumni who have passed away are included in the In Memoriam section with their full name, school affiliation and graduation year. The section also features brief obituaries, chosen by the magazine´s editors, based on the following criteria: faculty who have served more than 15 years. Students and alumni obituaries are included on a case-by-case basis. To submit a name for either In Memoriam or for an obituary, email templemag@temple.edu.

The Last Word

The Last Word features an inspiring or challenging quote from Temple faculty and alumni. To submit a quote, email templemag@temple.edu.

Contributing to Temple Magazine

Temple´s editors are always seeking writers with new voices and fresh perspectives—especially if you are an Owl. If you are interested in writing for Temple, email templemag@temple.edu and include three published clips. Stories are usually assigned at least two months in advance.