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The New Eagles Encyclopedia
Ray Didinger, author of The New Eagles Encyclopedia, was profiled in the Winter 2015 issue of Wilmu Magazine, the official magazine of Wilmington University.

Look, a White!
George Yancy, author of Look, a White!, co-authored a New York Times Opinionator blog with Noam Chomsky on the Roots of American Racism on March 18.

Laura Martocci, author of Bullying, published her first blog entry for Psychology Today on March 5.

Hot Off The Press
  • Unquiet TropesUnquiet Tropes
    Form, Race, and Asian American Literature

    Elda E. Tsou

    "Unquiet Tropes is a theoretically sophisticated yet beautifully, lucidly written book. Through a virtuoso performance of deconstructive reading, it provides surprisingly new and yet utterly persuasive insights into canonical Asian American texts we thought we already knew. Among Tsou's distinctions is her unique focus on the rhetorical activity of Asian American literary works, which sets her contribution apart from other recent Asian American formalist criticism. Her emphasis on the figural complexity of Asian American literary works makes a huge contribution by showing in a sustained way the achievements of Asian American literature qua literature."—Colleen Lye, Associate Professor of English at the University of California, Berkeley, and author of America's Asia: Racial Form and American Literature, 1893-1945

  • Tensions in the American DreamTensions in the American Dream
    Rhetoric, Reverie, or Reality

    Melanie E. L. Bush and Roderick D. Bush

    "Tensions in the American Dream breaks new ground as it deals with a unique contemporary dilemma in the American experience: the contradiction between U.S. imperialism and traditional American ideology of liberation. The topic is timely, and the authors' arguments are strong and clear. This study, with its detailed critical analysis, is a major advancement in the field."—Walter T. Howard, Professor of American History at Bloomsburg University in northeastern Pennsylvania and the author of We Shall Be Free! Black Communist Protests in Seven Voices

  • BullyingBullying
    The Social Destruction of Self

    Laura Martocci

    "A very useful and up-to-date discussion of the social-emotional origins of bullying."—Thomas Scheff, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Dancing the Fairy TaleDancing the Fairy Tale
    Producing and Performing The Sleeping Beauty

    Laura Katz Rizzo

    "Dancing the Fairy Tale offers a new historical perspective on the development of the art of ballet and the pivotal roles women have played as performing artists, directors, and producers. Using The Sleeping Beauty as her vehicle, Laura Katz Rizzo debunks the prevailing historical narrative that ballet's evolution has been linear and dominated by male choreographers and directors, effectively arguing that the ballerina is an integral part of the creative process. Well written and extensively researched, Dancing the Fairy Tale will be a welcome addition to any balletomane's library and an excellent text for courses in dance criticism, dance history, and women's studies."—Rory Foster, Professor Emeritus at DePaul University and author of Ballet Pedagogy: The Art of Teaching

  • Senior Power or Senior PerilSenior Power or Senior Peril
    Aged Communities and American Society in the Twenty-First Century

    Brittany H. Bramlett

    "Social scientists are just beginning to scratch the surface of the role that social context plays in conditioning political behavior. In Senior Power or Senior Peril, Bramlett gives a convincing account of the social context of one of the most active and participatory subgroups in American society. This refreshingly thoughtful and exceptionally well-written treatment of age from a contextual perspective uses appropriate data and methods to test an interesting question. Senior Power or Senior Peril is an excellent book that makes an important contribution to the literature."—Joshua Dyck, Associate Professor of Political Science and Co-director of the Center for Public Opinion at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell

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North Philly Notes
Ray Didinger, author of The New Eagles Encyclopedia, remembers the late Chuck Bednarik.

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