OLLI Students OLLI at Temple does not function as a typical university where students seek degrees. There are no tests or grades. What are the key characteristics that distinguish OLLI at Temple from most university environments?


OLLI is a membership organization. Annual dues, which include the fall, spring, and summer semesters, are $290. Fifteen dollars ($15) of every membership fee goes towards an OLLI Activity Fund to help offset the costs of our special events. As the membership fee is neither a per-semester fee nor a course fee, there is no discount if you attend less than all the semesters. You pay the fee to enjoy the benefits of OLLI membership, and the degree you take advantage of these benefits is completely up to you.


Note: For annual members who cannot pay the full fee, partial scholarships are available upon application.


As per Temple University policy, membership refunds are only available during the first two weeks of the semester or within two weeks after you have joined, whichever comes later. If a class is cancelled after the third week or later, perhaps due to an emergency illness of the teacher, we cannot provide a refund. If you do request a refund, the activities fee is not refundable. The only portion that is refundable is the $275 enrollment fee.


Membership entitles you to:

- attend as many OLLI classes as you choose;

- borrow books from the OLLI Library;

- use the Computer Lab; and,

- receive discount parking.


Also, members are invited to attend the Annual Holiday Party, Annual Meeting/Luncheon, and OLLI sponsored trips. (These events have an extra cost associated with them.)


Temple Center City offers free guest access to WIFI. Directions can be obtained in the OLLI office. Anyone who takes a computer course is given credentials to access Temple computers and the Internet.


Member Benefits

OLLI Louis Freedman Library
A mini-library for OLLI members features current fiction and non-fiction books, including best sellers, DVDs, videotapes, audio books. Large print books are also part of the collection. OLLI volunteers staff the library. Popular books may be reserved and members are notified when requested titles are available.


OLLI at Temple members receive discount parking with LAZ Parking at 1500 Market Street (entrance on the east side of 16th Street near Ranstead Street). You must obtain a discount ticket in the OLLI office. The LAZ garage is available to OLLI members Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


Sit In On Regular Undergraduate Credit Courses
As an annual member of OLLI you may be eligible to attend one (1) regular undergraduate credit course per semester at any Temple University campus at no cost. These courses are taught by Temple faculty (you will not receive credit unless you pay for the course). Members may register for these courses through the OLLI office. Attendance in class is contingent upon space availabililty and permission from the instructor and OLLI Director.


The Holiday Party
OLLI celebrates the winter holiday season in December with a special party. The holiday party is a tradition at OLLI and gives members a chance to relax and have a good time with other members during this special time of year. The Holiday Party is held either the Friday or Monday following the last day of classes in December.


The Annual Meeting and Luncheon
OLLI holds an Annual Meeting for members in the spring to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and to report on the status of the organization. At that time, newly elected OLLI officers and members of the OLLI Council are introduced. Members and guests are welcome to attend the luncheon held immediately after the meeting. This event takes place during the break between the spring and summer semesters, usually on a weekday.


OLLI strives to broaden the outlook of members by carrying out excursions to nearby locations of cultural and historic interest. Our trip committee has sponsored day trips to the Brighton Beach area, NY, as well as the theater district, the Metropolitan Museum, and the American Movie Palace museum in Queens. We have also visited the historic sites at Gettysburg, PA, and various Philadelphia area institutions such as the Franklin Institute, the National Constitution Center at special group rates.