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University Veterans Contact/ SOC Point of Contact Person

Laura S. Reddick, Associate Director for Adult and Veteran Student Recruitment
Temple University Center City and Ambler Campuses
215.204.6130 (TUCC)
215.204.5813 (Fax)

267.468.8102 (Ambler)
267.468.8110 (Fax)
email: tuvets@temple.edu

University Veterans Certifying Officer

Lori Daniels-Thompson, Assistant Registrar
Registrar Office, 2nd Floor, Conwell Hall, Philadelphia, PA
215.204.7378 (Office)
email: loriann@temple.edu

Attention: Admitted or continuing Temple students, please make sure you scan and email your VA certification letter to loriann@temple.edu. Please note that the Registrar Office has a new certification process. If you are currently enrolled at Temple and do not have a veterans tab on your TUPortal account, please contact the university's VA Coordinator at 215.204.7378.

Student Services

Ambler Campus Advising- Sonia Medina, soniam@temple.edu, 267.468.8200
Center City Campus (TUCC) - Ruth Gardner, rgard@temple.edu, 215.204.4358
Career Center- Linda Lawton, lrlawton@temple.edu, 215.204.7981
Continuing Studies- Brian Foley, bfoley@temple.edu, 215.204.2501
Disability Resources and Services- Renee Kirby, rkirby@temple.edu, 215.204.1280
Student Financial Services- Tanisha Payton, tanisha.payton0001@temple.edu, 215.204.2708
Tuttleman Counseling Center- Dr. Steven Hulcher, steven.hulcher@temple.edu, 215.204.7508
Federal Awards for National Guard Members - Pamela Watters, pamela.watters@temple.edu, 215.204.5549
Educational Assistance Program (EAP) for National Guard Members -Larry Bridges, tud23557@temple.edu, 215.204.2244

Schools and Colleges Veterans Contact People

School of Environmental Design
Cheryl Leeser, cleeser@temple.edu
Academic Advising: 267.468.8243

Fox School of Business
Debbie Campbell, debbie.campbell@temple.edu
Academic Advising:
Main: 215.204.3919

School of Media and Communications
Joanne Garfield, jgarfield@temple.edu, 215.204.9423
Academic Advising:215.204.5273

College of Education
Daniel Gilbert, dgilbert@temple.edu
Academic Advising: 215.204.5635
Main: 215.204.8011

College of Engineering
Margarita Marengo, margarita.marengo@temple.edu
Academic Advising: 215.204.6426

College of Health Professions and Social Work
Dr. Gail Glicksman, glicksma@temple.edu, 215.204.1227
Gradette Willis, gradette.willis@temple.edu,

College of Liberal Arts
Dr. Cathy Hence, catherine.hence@temple.edu,

Boyer College of Music and Dance
Marguerite Jackson, margo@temple.edu
Academic Advising: 215.204.2229

College of Science of Technology
Brian Muhlberger, brian.muhlberger@temple.edu
Academic Advising: 215.204.2890

School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Mike Usino, musino@temple.edu, 215.204.3103
Jarvis Bailey, jarvis.bailey@temple.edu, 215.204.1754
Student Services: 215.204.8701

Tyler School of Art
Taheerah Entsuah, taheerah@temple.edu, 215.777.9184
David Logan, david.logan@temple.edu, 215.777.9122
Undergraduate Admissions: 215.777.9099