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Conversation Partners Employment Opportunities

The Writing Center has openings in our Conversation Partners program, which serves international and ESL students who wish to practice listening and speaking in English. We are seeking to hire 10 Conversation Partners who will meet one-on-one with language learners to provide friendly conversation and informal language teaching. Ideal candidates will have experience living, working, or studying abroad; interest and/or experience in language teaching and learning about other cultures; current or recent enrollment in a language-related course.

Conversation partners will have regularly scheduled shifts of 5-15 hours per week at a rate of $10/hour. If you are interested in applying, you should send your resume (or CV), a cover letter, and three professional references to Elisabeth Ursell at

Your cover letter should tell us, briefly, a little about you--your academic interests; your experiences with languages and international cultures. Please also tell us what interests you about working with the Conversation Partners program

Your references should include contact information for three people (recommendation letters are not required). These references should be either faculty who know your academic skills, general engagement in international cultures and ability to work with peers, or current/previous employers who can speak to your strengths as an employee. A combination of both would be ideal.

Application materials should be emailed, sent, or delivered to:
Elisabeth Ursell

201 Tuttleman Learning Center (008-00)
1809 North 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Application deadline: not currently accepting applications

If you have questions about applying, please email or call Elisabeth Ursell at (215) 204-1071 or