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Online Resources for Learning English

The Academic Word List

This list was developed by Averil Coxhead and includes words most frequently used in Academic English.

For more information on the development of this list, see

Free Links to Practice English Online

English Grammar Quizzes
Go to “English Quizzes” to access grammar quizzes.  You can also use the “Grammar Glossary” under References to review grammar terminology and usage.
This site offers, Easy, Medium or Difficult Grammar and Vocabulary quizzes, or you can access bilingual materials in your own language.
This site has extensive lists of phrasal verbs and slang words.
This site offers in-depth explanations and practice exercises related to sentence fragments, run-ons, misplaced modifiers, punctuation, and more. Highly recommended.

English Homophones and Confusing Words
This website is used to look up a word’s definition and compare the word to similar-sounding words.
This website lists the most common homophones used in English.


Other Resources
This website is a collection of open college courses. There is also an ESL section, completely free, that downloads to iTunes. Click on Browse Courses, then Languages to access the ESL Podcasts.
The BBC Learning English page has resources on idioms, slang, news, quizzes, and more.  Please note that all materials on this site are in British English.